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New Year’s Eve Makeup How-To

New Years Rockin Eve Makeup Hero

New Year’s Eve style is kind of like a classier version of Vegas: sequins and sparkle make their appearances, but in a winter-fabulous way. For me, it’s a special time every year because the big night-before-next-year is also my birthday. No matter where I go, there’s a party already being thrown for me!

 As far as makeup for New Year’s Eve goes, you can be sneaky-snazzy. Here I’m wearing a pop of gold shimmer, intense poppy lips, and killer mascara.  No matter what colors you’re wearing, this look will go great with it. 

Here’s the step-by-step on how to take this look home for the post-holidays and make your hubby deliver a toe-curling midnight kiss:


  • Sweep a super-glittery gold eyeshadow all over lids (the one in the Bella Terra stack is high-wattage and let’s face it, you’ve probably already been coerced into buying one at a shopping mall kiosk somewhere). Clean any excess out of the corners of your eyes near your nose – shine over there makes weird, unflattering shadows.
  • Blend a burgundy-tinged brown shadow (I used Bobbi Brown in Cognac) into and just above the crease, going 2/3 of the way across the crease. We don’t want to get too close to the inner eye, to keep the look from getting too dark. Curve it down along the outer edge of your lid.
  • Line the inner upper waterline with Maybelline Master Kajal. This liner is soft enough that it won’t scratch you up there, waterproof, and won’t irritate eyes. Trust me – this will make the black of your mascara pop. Add 1/3 of an inch of the liner under your lower lashes – keep it thin and keep looking up until it’s nice and set.
  • Make a thin line with your favorite liquid liner (I used Maybelline Ultra Liner) from the inner corners of eyes, then thicken about a half inch of the way up. With this line, your eyes will look huge. 
  • Finish with your favorite high voltage mascara. I vacillate between BeneFit Cosmetics They’re Real and ULTA Twisted Volume, but here I’m wearing ULTA


  • Line with red lip liner (mine here is from the Studio Gear Definition Drama True Red set). Make sure you fill your lips in with liner – I discuss this in detail in my Youtube video “The $7 DIY Lip Injection”
  • Fill in with a poppy colored lip gloss; my favorite NYE glam touch here is to use (are you ready for this?) One Direction Liquilights Lip Gloss in the poppy color. This gloss looks awesome and stays put like a dream, and here’s the kicker: it has a subtle glow in the dark! This is one of those ways to sneak in a bit of snazz while still looking classy and sassy. 


  • Skip the blush and opt for cheekbone-hugging bronzer. I like the Mally Roncal self-tanning bronzer.
  • For a little more glam fun, dust the tops of cheekbones gently with a bronze shimmer powder (mall-harassers Bella Terra actually also have a lovely one of that as well). Keep it light (we’re not going for Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters here) and don’t do the apples of your cheeks, or you’ll glow like a scary doll.

What are your New Year’s Eve go-to makeup looks? 

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