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Okay, let me start off by admitting the following – while I may be a bit of a tree hugger, there are a few areas where I stick with the conventional.  Mascara, curly hair serum and spray wax to name a few.  BUT, aside from those I do try to be very cognizant of the beauty products I use and what’s in them.  Our skin is our largest organ and in most cases if I can’t eat it then I really don’t want to slather it all over my body or face.  So without further ado, the following is a little roundup of my current natural beauty product obsessions!


First up is this lovely little trio by TASTYFACE Organics.   Oh the sweet decadence of these products.  Made from only organic all natural products with zero preservatives, their cleanser, toner and serums feel like a daily spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.  The cleanser leaves your face feeling clean but oh so moisturized.  The toner is a zesty little pick me up that I use even throughout the day on especially dry, hot Phoenix days.  And finally, the serum.  Magic in a little black bottle.  I’m in that lovely phase of life where I still get hormonal or workout breakouts but also have to battle wrinkles – this is how I attack both!


On to how we clean the rest of our bodies around here – just a simple squirt of Dr. Bronners liquid castile (or bar version for my kiddos since they would go through a bottle in one shower!).  Dedicated to ethical sourcing of ingredients and using organic oils, Dr. Bronners is gentle and smells amazing. 


Right after the shower, when still damp, we slather on coconut oil.  I’m a big fan of Costco’s coconut oil in the large tub for cooking but when it comes to our skincare, we are a bit hooked on Trader Joe’s brand.  Seems to go on a bit smoother.  Great for foot massages or add a few drops of lavender essential oils for a bedtime rubdown to help kiddos settle in for the night.  


On to the pits – okay I’ve done the research for you so trust me – finding a non-chemical deodorant/anti-persperant is NOT an easy task.  And as a mom in PHOENIX it’s especially not an easy task.  Battling 100+ temps requires good deodorant period.  Enter the Pit Stick from Primal Life Organics.  It’s amazeballs.  Pictured is my husband’s unscented but I prefer the lavender.  It works.  You can read and pronounce every ingredient.  Yay!  


Okay onto my love affair with clay!  Different natural clays have been used for centuries in beauty products.  Two of my favorite ways to incorporate them are found in our toothpaste from Earthpaste – I like the peppermint but get my kiddos the Lemon Twist.  While the natural gray color takes some getting used to the super smooth pearly whites are welcomed from the start!  I also love the benefits of bentonite clay for my weekly at-home facial.  I have a ritual – it’s called Mama’s Madness Monday Mask – I look creepy but combining the powder with some apple cider vinegar creates a wonderful toxin remover!  Toodles blackheads! 


Next up, when I’ve gone out on the town and have more eye makeup on than usual (which means I actually have any on), then sometimes I need a little extra help removing.  A simple solution of sweet almond oil with a few drops of lavender does the trick.  Not only does it remove the makeup but it conditions your lashes helping to keep them healthy, full and long. Win win!


Speaking of easy concoctions to whip up, need a dry shampoo alternative? Just a little arrowroot flour will do the trick for my fellow blondes and I’ve heard adding cocoa powder will help out the brunettes while still avoiding the nasty chemicals and aerosol found in most conventional dry shampoos.  I add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to give my scalp a little tingle and get me moving on a sluggish morning!


I’m saving least conventional for the wrap up.  Teeth whitening. Take a look at the ingredients on those products and you’ll cringe.  Who wants bleaching type products in their mouth!?!??! No thanks.  Sooooo, remember when I mentioned my scary mommy Monday musings?  I also brush my teeth with a powder of activated charcoal. What? Don’t worry, it’s safe to ingest in small amounts and is in fact what doctors use for drug overdoses or severe reactions (we mix it into applesauce around here for food poisoning!). It’s highly absorbent and basically clings onto any toxins it comes in contact with.  Add a drop or two of peppermint oil for a even more refreshing mouth!

There you have it – I hope this roundup helps you transition into a healthier beauty routine!




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