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My Word


New Year’s resolutions.

Seems like everyone makes at least one this time of year.

To some, making these resolutions is exciting and motivating; to others, not so much. I fall into the latter category. I never seem to actually follow through with a resolution, and then I feel bad because, well, I feel like I failed.

Instead this year I decided to do something different. Something that I am hoping will inspire, motivate, and challenge me this year. A word. That’s it. Just a simple word. A word I will be mindful of all year.


I am lucky enough to be surrounded by others who encourage me everyday. My husband, my kids, my parents, my friends. But, sometimes it’s hard to find that within ourselves. So that’s what I want to do this year. It’s something I cannot fail at; something that can make life even better!

I will encourage myself to take time for myself. This may seem odd but as a mom, we know that this is no small task. We give our time to everyone else, and this year I am challenging myself to make sure I give some time to me. I will not think of it as selfish. I will think of it as healthy. It may be a 20 minute bath while watching a show on Netflix, painting my nails (and letting them dry!), or it may be an hour massage. Heck, it can even just be an uninterrupted phone call with my best friend. In whatever form, however long, it will be me time.

I will encourage myself to be a better mom. No, I do not think I am a bad mom. I like to think I am a great mom in fact (we all are!), but I want to encourage myself to be better. And by that I mean, I know where my weaknesses lie. I know that sometimes I snap at my kids too quickly, when I should take moment to breathe. I know that sometimes my patience is thinner than it could be. I know that I should embrace a little more mess and enjoy the moment more sometimes. These are things I want to to work on.

I want to encourage myself to really look at and focus on my relationships. To know the ones to foster and grow, and recognize the ones that I need to let go of.

I will encourage my family, friends and others around me to be and do their best. I will encourage their new endeavors and adventures. I will encourage diversity, challenges, and plain ole fun!

I will encourage my sons to try new things and learn as much as possible. I will encourage them to be curious and foster that curiosity as best I can. I will encourage them to be imaginative and play. I will encourage them to try their best and celebrate when they do.

I am encouraging myself to say yes more. I am a cautious person, sometimes boring in fact. I am challenging myself to say yes more. Not completely throw caution to the wind (baby steps) but to live more in the moment, rather than always thinking so hard about everything.

I am going to encourage myself to be better. Not in a negative light, but rather to be better at knowing my strengths and my weaknesses, and being ok with them. To encourage myself to not only recognize those strengths, but to build upon them, and to know my weaknesses and how to learn from them.

I am choosing to encourage myself this year. In all these ways and more. I will be mindful of that word, and think of it often. I want that to be my focus this year. I cannot fail at this. I can only improve.

What will your word be this year?

One Response to My Word

  1. Patricia January 15, 2017 at 5:15 am #

    I love this. Whether for ourselves or for others, encouragement is always something we need and makes us all better.

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