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Moving with SpareFoot

Moving is never fun. The process is difficult with lots of good intentions and many moving pieces. But booking storage with took lots of the pressure off. SpareFoot is an online website that lets you compare pricing and amenities for storage services. They also let you search for truck rentals and purchase moving related supplies.

Getting started:

It was so easy to use. All I did was head over to their site, enter in my address, reviewed the results and made my final decision. We ended up using full-service storage instead of self-storage. From there they scheduled my pick up for the date requested. We then received a call  and gave details about our estimated pick up load.

***I recommend you try to be as specific as possible because items are stored at a warehouse facility and your estimated costs are based on the amount of space your items will take to store. 

Moving Out Day:

Our team arrived when we expect. They did an excellent job of packing our things up with the greatest of care. We honestly never did such a good job of packing up our own home goods. LOL! Everything was wrapped in moving blankets and plastic wrap. It was all tagged and listed out to ensure no items would be lost or missed during the delivery and return from the storage facility. To have the team come in and assist with our move was a complete game changer. This was changing my whole perspective on moving. No hassle with begging friends/family to come help. No worry about items getting damaged and broken during the moving process. We are now in our forever home but I honestly wouldn’t be as worried about moving if we got to have this same experience again.

SpareFoot has one goal in mind: To make moving and storage easy.

Moving In Day:

The time to move in wasn’t clear by any means. This is usually the case when building a new home….aimiright? We expected our move in date to be close to the holidays well it ended up being two days before Christmas. As soon as I had the concrete move in date I updated my reservation and they with little to no notice (and during the holiday season) were able to get our items to us before the end of the month. 

Once again we had a team dedicated to returning our items with the best of care. They showed up, unloaded our items and meticulously went down the list of our home goods making sure everything was there. It was so nice to know that our family didn’t have to worry about how to get everything to it’s new destination, unloaded and get enough hands to do it all.

My experience with this company is that they do indeed make not only storage easy…but moving all together EASY! Have you ever used SpareFoot? Would you like to use it on your next move?
SpareFoot reimbursed me for trying the website and reviewing the experience.
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