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Motherhood It’s A Battlefield



I finally that ONE YEAR motherhood milestone! Being a mother has changed my entire life. I can’t believe how fast the year fly by. I thought by giving up my career that I worked so hard for I would have some sort of regret. I completed two bachelor degree programs while working 40+ hours a week. I literally would be working till 1 am and then have a test the next day. I was a maniac when it came to reaching my goal of being out of school and having a fully formed resume. I thought that when I decided to stay home I would lose my drive. I would not be the same person. I would not have any “me” time. My mother was a Stay-At-Home mom and I never wanted to be a SAHM.

When Averie was born something changed.

I never wanted to miss anything. I never wanted to be away from her. It was hard but we financially figured it out and I was able to spend this year of motherhood with her. I was beyond blessed.

However, it didn’t come without judgement. I had no idea the issues between working moms and stay at home moms,  it’s feels like a battlefield.

Here is one of the encounters in my first few months of staying at home. I had a friend on my Facebook practically put me on blast because I was a SAHM. I’m not going to lie, it hurt my feelings. Averie’s father would post on Facebook any chance he got to tell me I was doing a great job. Which I appreciated because I felt like I had no idea what I was doing in the first few months of motherhood. But that was taken out of context and construed as he was saying I’m a super mom because I was at home, however, in his eyes I was his super mom because I was figuring out motherhood and dealing with walking away from a career I worked so hard for. But there it was… the Facebook post…

It said, guess what just because you stay at home doesn’t make you a super mom, look at me I work and have kids.


It’s not easy to be home all the time,  you lose a bit of your identity and it’s hard to adjust to. I don’t think many people acknowledge that.

I’m not one to judge if you stay at home or work, either way you’re a mother and the job in itself is a big one. Then of course the comments from other people, “when are you going back to work” or “so you’re still not working, huh?” Honestly, I don’t understand why its anyone’s business.

I don’t understand the motherhood battlefield either.

I think that whether you work or stay at home guess what you’re still a mother and you’re still awesome! The hate on both ends needs to really stop. A part of me misses every single aspect of work. The competitive environment, the social interaction and having a monetary reward for working so hard. Like I said staying at home is such an adjustment but one is not better than the other.

They are both equally great.

Here’s to the working mother and the stay at home mother. You both are super moms, if you haven’t heard it recently you are doing great. Lets stop the judgement and just praise one another on being moms! This job is one of the most precious jobs on earth!

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