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Monster Margarita Cocktail

This is a sponsored post. I received Kirkland product for review. My opinion is my own...and this marg is my fav! 😉

The Halloween holiday is in full swing. Stores shelves are starting to look less stocked. You’ve spent a pretty penny on costumes, decor, candy and more. So a themed drink is just one more daunting thing…except this one. This creepy cocktail is so easy with just 3 ingredients….for the drink AND the eyeballs. And I guarantee there won’t be a shortage of ingredients to make this Monster Margarita!

Monster Margarita


  • Kirkland Signature – Premium Golden Margarita
  • 2 Radishes
  • Olives – Green (and Black if you would like)

Monster Cocktail


  • Use a butter knife or spoon to lightly scrape the skin of the radish. (Tip:: leave more of the radish skin in tact at the back of the radish so it’s very red. Light peeling of the radish skin in the middle so it is pink. And nearly completely peel the skin at the top of the radish so that it is white.) I scrapped the skin in long straight lines with a very light pressure.
  • Use a curved paring knife or melon scooper to remove part of the radish to make space for the olive (AKA iris) at the top where you have peeled most of the radish skin away.
  • Slice a quarter of the green olive to lay into the top of the radish. (Tip:: I added a little black olive for the pupil – this isn’t required to achieve the eyeball look.)
  • Add a toothpick through the back of the radish and partially through the olive to keep the “eyeball” in tact once in the cocktail. (Tip:: I used ice in my cocktail from the grocery store – it has the circles in the middle.  The toothpicks can be placed in the ice to hold the eyeballs in place.)
  • Pour your ready to drink mix and viola! A Monster Margarita!
  • Add some plastic fangs for that EXTRA something (or don’t – either way you your glass is now ghoulish. )
  • Don’t forget the straw! Keep your monster add on’s in place by serving this drink with a straw.

Halloween Cocktail

This is a fun, easy and inexpensive add-on to your Halloween event!

What do you think of our cocktail creation? Just look at how realistic the radish eyeball is!

Eyeballs Cocktail


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