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I was born and raised into a VERY religious background. Church get togethers twice a week with church every Sunday that would last 3 hours.  It was full of rules, dos and don’ts, judgement and feeling a lot of pressure to be this “perfect” person that doesn’t sin or make mistakes. Lets face it, we all sin and that’s okay! God loves us and forgives us with his unreasonable grace and generosity. Before I can remember I was taught that my body was a temple and that if you get tattoos you are disrespecting yourself and more so God; that I was doomed to go to Hell!

If you know me you would know that I love my body; every stretch mark, every freckle, and every blemish on my face; EVERY “imperfection.” It has been one heck of a journey to get to a point of accepting and loving my body to the CORE for all that it is – that I am 1 in a million, just as God intended me to be.

Lets fast forward 6 years:
I am a mom that has added a lot of  “color” to her skin. I have a full sleeve on my left arm, my left thigh completely done, finger tattoos, calf tattoos, stomach tattoos, and feet tattoos and it doesn’t stop there! But to me – my body is my temple, my canvas, a masterpiece in the making.

There is a memory I just can’t seem to forget; I was out to lunch with my then 1 year old son at our favorite place in the world; In-N-Out burger! I was sitting there watching my son play with stickers, just waiting for our food to come out when I overheard a couple of mothers sitting next to me staring and gawking at my body and tattoos. Telling their children “that is the exact example of who you should NOT be, God won’t love you if you do that to your body, of course she is a single mom, her body isn’t a temple,” BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I was so mortified and heartbroken that;

1. these moms would set this type of example to their children, to shame someone else’s body and appearance. 
2. their kids didn’t know any better but to just join in.
There have been numerous instances where I have been stared at, whispered about, judged and pointed at. Today’s culture is so quick to judge, people just have no shame these days, do they!?  

Here is a letter from one mommy that has tattoos to another mommy that may or may not:

The fact that I have tattoos doesn’t make me a bad mother. I see the stares I get at the gym dropping off my son in child care; I see the way you look at me with so much disgust, then our eyes meet and I’m smiling at you. I feel like there is enough hate in this world that I shouldn’t be body shamed by another person, another mother, for her body. If anything I want to encourage you! “Keep it up mama you’re killing it!!” But sadly, the feeling isn’t mutual.

Isn’t it funny how a marital status is so important as you get older as a female? I know after you see me with my son and my tattoos, your eyes quickly wander to my left hand and you chuckle as your assumption is right, there is no ring and that I am a single mom. But how does that define me as a mom? Yes I has tattoos covering 50% of my body and I’m a single mom? so? As any mom, our kids are our numero uno, our pride and joy, our reasoning behind every sacrifice; the day they were born they became our game changer.

My son never goes without. He always has a smile on his face, he is dressed and fed. He loves everyone, has manners and will always without a doubt greet anyone with a “hi.” He is my little genius, he loves learning. Witnessing who my son is becoming on a daily basis is the richest gift! We’re all fighting our own battle in this life; if we aren’t at this exact moment I’m sure there will be a few bumps in the road. The last thing any of us need is to be judges and poked at when we leave the house. Don’t let one moms body; whether it be her hair, her height, the post baby weight that she cant seem to lose, or her tattoos define who she is as a mother – without knowing who she is or where she comes from. We should all be setting the highest example to our babes, because lets face it – they are always watching!

 Trade the glares, the judgment, and the pointed fingers; for a smile instead.

The tattooed mom

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8 Responses to Moms With Color

  1. Leila May 5, 2016 at 6:17 pm #

    Love this! So true and I love that you say our body is our canvas. I feel the exact same way! If you see me gawking, it’s not judgement; maybe jealousy though! I can promise I will be gawking and checking out your art!

    • Kim
      Kim May 10, 2016 at 9:09 pm #

      You are too sweet! Thank you very much ❤️

  2. Missy May 6, 2016 at 1:45 pm #

    We live in Albuquerque where it is very very common to have tatoos. It doesn’t phase me at all to see moms with ink 😉 sweet sleeve by the way! My hubs also came from a very religious and restrictive upbringing and he is also heavily tattooed. Hopefully our son will grow to love Jesus too (as we do) and feel free to creatively express himself. Funny enough, he’s (2) and never noticed his dad’s tatoos but has pointed out my varicose veins! Haha!

    • Kim
      Kim May 10, 2016 at 9:14 pm #

      Isn’t it funny how our little ones notice our varicose veins rather than the color needled into our skin!?! My son calls mine spiders hahah!! Gotta love them ?

  3. Sherry May 10, 2016 at 10:37 am #

    Imagine a world where we accepted and lifted each other up?!?! Enjoy that little boy and keep it up mama you’re killing it!! SMILES 🙂

  4. Caroline May 11, 2016 at 8:55 pm #

    Thank you for the reminder. “Keep it up mama! You’re killing it!”

  5. Amy May 12, 2016 at 6:57 am #

    First off I am sorry you were raised Ina church that made you think tattoos ruin your body as a temple. That is not what that verse refers to and I bet you know that know. Second, I can’t help but think that some stares, finger pointing and comments (unless you actually hear the negativity) might actually be people trying to figure out what the tattoos are on your body. With 50% of your body covered, I am sure it is a beautiful piece of art and that you probably don’t or can’t it cover up completely. You might even be showing it off, too. (I would.) We are taught as kids not to stare at others that are different. However, as an adult I catch myself in a gaze whenever I see a tattoo. I don’t have any and if they are not really obvious, then I am trying to figure out what the design is in front of me. I might even have a confused look on my face that is trying to figure out the puzzle in front on me. I get people might be saying things and pointing but some might be like me trying to figure it out and in awe of your bravery for pain tolerance! “They are just jealous!” might be something you could say to yourself.

  6. Chelsea May 13, 2016 at 12:33 pm #

    Such a great post and reminder to everyone. Not just about tattoos, but about everything that makes us unique. I’m so sorry you had that experience with the other moms at the restaurant. That makes me so angry. I have quickly learned (through my own missteps) to NEVER judge a mom based on anything we see on the outside. You have no idea what is truly going on in their life and in their heart. I wish more women would realize that and learn to support and be strong for each other so we can all just do our best in raising our kiddos – the one thing that bonds us. Good for you for pointing this out!

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