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Well, it’s officially springtime here, isn’t it?  Yikes, where did our winter go?!  This time of year, it’s our natural inclination to dust off the blinds, open the windows and rid our homes of unnecessary clutter. Springtime is also a catalyst for change…. a moment when we can reflect on our lives and set new goals to better them, right?  A beautiful time…  

Something happened recently that really bothered me. 

I was at the gym, in the ladies locker room, and there was a group of moms standing around talking.  They were talking about everyday mom routines and one of them said “Yeah, Alice doesn’t do that though…. she’s just not like us”.  They all nodded slightly in moderate disgust and then quickly switched topics.  But it got me thinkin’, do moms form groups of friends based on their parenting styles/methods/beliefs?  Do only like-minded moms share a cup of caffeine together, plan play dates or become running buddies?  I couldn’t get this concept out of my mind. 

So I started to think about my own life and if I was guilty of such unconscious discrimination.  And the truth of it is, yes I am.  Yes, we all are.  And honestly, we probably don’t even realize it.  I know I didn’t.  So, fellow mothers, this spring, I am making a conscious effort to be open minded…to branch out…. to learn from other mothers and be inspired by them.  And I urge you to do the same.  Let’s not limit ourselves to being close with ONLY mothers who co-sleep or ONLY mothers who stay at home or ONLY mothers who work outside of the home or ONLY mothers who cook organic food ONLY mothers who vaccinate or ONLY mothers who home school…. the list is truly endless.  I am learning to feel the same about this as I do about religion and politics (yes, taboo subjects to blog about, I know)…but what if it’s just OK to be who you are and believe the way you do?  What if it’s only a fraction of the person you are and there’s so much more to know and love?  What if you don’t have to agree with every life philosophy of another woman to be friends with her? What if we branch out and open our minds and are inspired by some incredible women?  Yeah, that’d be awesome.

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.”- Jill Churchill


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