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Mom, I’m Sorry! Why I Apologize to My Mom When My Kids Make Me Crazy


When I was younger, I used to think it was funny to do all the silly little things that I would do. I was a stinker, I was a child on a mission—okay, admittedly, I was a pain in the butt! But, I was a kid. I did kid things. I would get into trouble, I would fight with my brother, I said “No!” at all the wrong times (OKAY, there really isn’t ever a good time) but still, I did it at the really wrong times, like when I was asked to clean my room or help with the dishes.

Now, as a mom of two myself, it’s funny just how different of a perspective you get on things looking back. Now, when one of my own boys does one of the “special” funny things that made my own mother cringe and perhaps raise her voice a little, I can’t help but say a little apology to her in my head. Heck, I’ve even picked up the phone and called her simply to say, “I’m Sorry!” Of course, she just laughs and says, “Oh, what did he do this time,” and thinks it awesome that I’m getting a little bit of karma or worldly payback. She does admit that she isn’t laughing AT me but rather says she is laughing WITH me (although I don’t recall laughing much at the time). However, just like the mom I know she is, she gently reminds me that this too shall pass and to take a good look at myself, I managed to turn out okay.

And then I do. I take a deep breath. I take a look at my boys and remember, they are kids. They will make mistakes, they will be independent thinkers –isn’t that what we all want? To raise children who are independent souls and who are able to stand up for themselves and make their own decisions? I just wish they didn’t do it all the time and when I was asking them for a little help around the house. Alas, as my mom has taught me, this too shall pass and hopefully one day, my own children will feel just as comfortable as I do and want to pick up that phone, dial my number and let me know they understand just how I feel today, and I will be able to giggle along with them.

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