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Mom Hack – Swaddling Those Babies!


Looking for Sleep With a Newborn? Help is Here!

All us mamas want in those first few weeks with our new bundles of love is sleep. Am I right?

During my pregnancies my husband and I would talk about how we just need to get baby sleeping and sleeping good because we simply don’t do well without the shut eye we need. And that’s about 10+ hours each night… sigh.

Having done the newborn thing twice, I’ve found a handful of sleep aid products I have recommended time and time again to fellow expecting mama friends and I just have to share my number one with you all too! 😉

SwaddleMe Pods, Original and Wrap Sack. I’m a firm believer in letting the 4th trimester progress naturally meaning, let those babies feel warm and comforted in a tight swaddle– just like mamas womb, feed on demand, snuggle them with skin to skin and go with the flow of your routine. It’s a huge change not only for mom but for baby after birth so get their outside home as close to mimicking their inside home.
SwaddleMe has mastered the phases babies need when first being born to growing rapidly and then POOF, they’re in college. Okay, not really but they’re then not needing to be swaddled because they’re rolling machines! That’s where we are and just introducing the Wrap Sack to our 4 month old. She started rolling tummy to back about a week ago so it was time.
The thing that makes SwaddleMe different is the simplicity and functionality of their product. They hold those babies tight and the velcro offered on the swaddles are legit. They won’t budge! They also make it easy to understand how to use the item from a simple zip close to just folding over a piece of fabric and velcroing them shut. It keeps your babe secure, happy and you are able to leave them with sitters because you have an easy swaddle method! Do any other moms stress about that? It was a problem for me at first!
Anyway, that’s my mama hack for the day! You can find these babies on the Summer Infant website, Amazon or Target– every moms favorite place to browse.
This is a sponsored post with SwaddleMe. We received product for review. But my opinions are my own and this post is an honest one.

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2 Responses to Mom Hack – Swaddling Those Babies!

  1. Ali March 13, 2017 at 9:21 am #

    Love, love, love our SwaddleMe blankets. They are the best! She is absolutely precious.

    • Aubrey Kinch March 13, 2017 at 11:13 am #

      They really are! Thank you for letting us feature our love of SwaddleMe!

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