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Is Mom Bullying a Thing?

Motherhood. One of the scariest, but most rewarding hoods you’ll ever experience!

Before becoming a mother, you try to prep and get everything ready for the arrival of your sweet precious baby but the one thing you don’t prepare for is mom shaming and/or mom bullies.

The criticism and the judgement. 

Never did I ever think I would cross paths with mom bullies! Never knew it was a thing! I never experienced bullying growing up or in high school. Sure there were girls who teased each other for something small but it was simple fun and joking, never bullying!

As a grown woman who is experiencing bullies for the first time, its difficult and a struggle! Mom bullies to be exact! And what doesn’t make sense, well bullying in general DOESN’T make sense, but these mom bullies don’t even know me! They haven’t even met me besides passing by or little run ins at the store(s). They simply hear only bad things being said about me.

The Awkward Situation:

I was out with my family and I run into this lady that looks familiar, we instantly looked at each other BUT we have never met! We nicely shook hands and she introduces herself to me with her name and the famous quote “I’ve heard a lot about you!” At first I was caught a bit off guard but not shocked as to who hear this as she’s friends with some of the mom bullies, but after speaking for a good twenty minutes about life and shared a few parenting laughs, she ends the conversation saying how she really enjoyed actually meeting me and getting to know me a little! 

I left that conversation with a mixture of emotions and a quick conversation with my husband as he was standing right there and heard it all! He was definitely shocked about it but I think it’s safe to say he was proud of how I handled the situation. I’m truly glad she and I ran into each other and we finally formally introduced ourselves. She personally hasn’t done anything mean towards to and/or follow the crowd so I definitely appreciate her reaching out to me and being her own person and being kind and not cruel to me.

With that being said, and without going into further detail, because in all honesty I have kept this all to myself and never speak of it, I simply just pray about this whole situation! This situation with the bullies.

I can keep asking the same questions over and over:

“Why are these women acting this way?”

“What did I do to have these things being said about me and to me?”

“Why do these women keep making their hurtful jabs when I just do my own thing and walk the other way?”

“Why do grown women have to bully?”

“Why is there mom shaming?”

“Why does there have to be a competition on who is the better mom?”

“Why not help out the mom struggling without passing judgement?” Show that mom that you too also struggle and you two can both learn from each other and grow! 

I know this is a very strong and emotional topic! I just hope this reaches out to others that are going through something similar or even the same thing! Know that this is NOT ok and you are NOT alone! Please reach out to someone if you are struggling with bullying, and if you feel you have no one, please leave a comment! If you also have any advice in this topic, feel free to leave a comment as well! I know the more out reach, the better this community of Mom’s can be!

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