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     The other day I was reading an article about “the 10 things to leave behind in 2016” (it was all about fashion and interior design and and what not.) So I am reading along and come to the part about “WHITE WALLS : we get it, you just discovered minimalism…blah blah blah… add some color to your life… blah blah…” and I felt so assaulted, I nearly gasped! I wanted to scream at my stupid phone screen, “guess what ya dumb trendy online magazine article, I DID JUST DISCOVER MINIMALISM, and I like it!” DISCLAIMER, I can be a bit dramatic when no one is around and I am left to run wild… (my 10 month old doesn’t judge… not yet anyway) First off, as someone who would happily wear black on neutral on black everyday of her life, color is barely in my vocabulary as it is, but this whole minimalism thing, is on a whole ‘mother level than just color baby… This whole “white walls” thing has changed everything! (There I go, being dramatic again)

     First of all, HAVING LESS STUFF ON PURPOSE is hard. After a life time of thinking more, more, more; the thought of “less is more” is SO much easier said than done. Our closet alone, is one of our biggest feats. In a house full of shopaholics, shirts and pants are apparently a problem. We have downsized three times this year and still don’t have enough hangers when all the laundry is done (and we have a lot of hangers) The kitchen is another story all together. Why do two adults and a baby need 63 cups?!? If we haven’t touched anything in that drawer or on that shelf in over six months then what in the world are we saving it for?! These are the questions that are asked consultants in our house this past year. Our new motto is easy, “SIMPLIFY”. If we don’t need it, WE DON’T NEED IT.

     This whole new state of mind has amplified with Baby Vivienne coming into our life when we are living in an apartment. I.E.: we don’t have a toy room to shove all her extra crap in or sensible storage space to store her old stuff. She doesn’t need five different toys that all light up and sing five different songs. She is one kid. One. I am home with her all day and I can tell you with complete honesty that the toy she plays with the most is my half empty, crinkly water bottle. So why so much stuff? Here is how we cope with the crazy busy more more more world with a “SIMPLIFY” mindset.

  • When you get 3 walkers for Christmas, they are not all coming home with us. V has one at her grandpa and nana’ house, one at my parents house and the smallest one at home in our apartment.
  • At first, baby V loved siting and turning and jumping in her bouncer. Then she learned how to crawl…. She would still bounce every once in a while, but once those bounce sessions stopped being longer than five minutes (and then the get me out of here tears come flooding in) and those five minute sessions became a total of maybe 1 hour a week…. I broke down that bouncer and put it in storage. My living room is only so big. There is no room for wasted space.
  • I no longer carry a purse on an everyday basis. I got a cute little backpack purse at Target (the most magical place on earth) and THAT is my purse/diaper bag/toy bag/snack bag/toy dispenser. At all times I have my wallet , 3-5 diapers, a small refillable pack of wipes, a pacifier, a grocery cart cover, chapstick, a cliff bar, snacks for Vivienne and ONE toy (usually it’s either a wub-a-nub or Sophie) That’s it! She doesn’t have blow outs anymore, so I don’t even bother with an extra change of clothes. The key is to always be editing. Maybe once a week I clean out any wrappers or extra lip balms that have accumulated and look at what all I have in her bag and ask myself “do I need this” pretty simple.
  • Am I the only person who got enough clothes for quatuplets at my baby shower? I am currently torn on the baby clothes situation… do we keep it all? Do we donate them? What if we have another girl? What if we have all boys? It’s a tough one…. before she was born we organized it all by size. So once she outgrows one size, we put it all back in that size box and take out all the “new” stuff. She is almost to twelve months. Once she outgrows her twelve month clothes, we will get it ALL back out again and cut it in half. Half to donate and half to save for future babies.

All in all, becoming a mom has only amplified our new “white wall” state of mind. Having a baby means I have to organize or I will go crazy, downsize or we would have no storage and simplify or she would probably kill herself crawling all over this place and getting into everything. I may be behind when it comes to this whole “minimalism” trend, but I don’t see it ending with 2016, not in this house at least.

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