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Mickey Mouse Inspired Manicure


Our family is headed to Disneyland again for vacation this year, we took our kids for the first time last summer and you could say we’ve been bitten by the Disney bug! We’re so excited to take them again this year. 

It’s so fun to get into the Disney spirit while you’re at the park, I love the idea of wearing Disney t-shirts and dressing the family accordingly. I’ve been playing around with some fun Disney inspired manicure ideas and I thought I’d share one with you today. 


The tools you’ll need:

Nail file, red, yellow, and black polish. A white nail pen, I used Salley Hansen’s brand that can be found at Target or a drug store. I’m pretty cheap with my nail polish, I don’t buy fancy brands or spend a lot since you don’t wear them a long time anyway I don’t feel the need to spend a lot on polish. The Wet n Wild brand runs anywhere from $.99-1.99! The yellow polis is from Sinful Colors and was $1.99. And then I just use a clear top coat to “seal” everything. Let’s get started. 


First you’ll need to remove any leftover polish if you have it on your nails. Then I filed mine into the shaped I wanted them. Washed my hands to remove any of the “filing dust” and dried them. 


Then it was time to paint my nails. I painted all but my ring finger yellow. The ring finer will be my accent nail. I painted it black, here’s a tip I realized after: only paint your ring finger black about halfway down the nail. It will make painting the red much easier. I had to go back and remove some of the polish. Then I applied two coats of the red nail polish on the bottom half of my ring finger nail. 


Using the white nail pen I made the “white buttons” on my accent nail. Be careful with these pens a little goes a long way and you don’t need much. You’ll need to wait till the white dries and then add another coat since they run thin. 


Here’s the finished product! A cute little Mickey Mouse inspired manicure! I love the accent nail looks just like his little shorts and the yellow pop of color goes great with the Mickey Theme since usually you see the rest of the nails red I wanted to make them yellow so they would stand out more and plus they are inspired by Mickey’s shoes! 

Are you a Disney fan too? I’d love to see your Mickey inspired outfits and style ideas! Leave me some links in the comments below if you have any!

Have a magical day! 



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