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The Flow: Menstrual Cups vs. Tampons/Pads

I recently switched to using menstrual cups.

I know a lot of you who couldn’t care less about this topic. As someone who had an inquiring mind, I wanted to share some information – good, bad and ugly – for anyone who might be interested in making the switch!

The reasons why I switched were simple – after having my baby girl my flow got heavier. Yeah, a little bit heavier shouldn’t be a problem but I was already heavy before I had a baby! Not to mention, the amount of pain I endure any given month due to mother nature’s gift to us women was unbearable. Unbearable to the point of feeling sick, doubling over and I once almost fainted. While the pain subsided a little after having Maelyn, I had to wear double protection and that just wasn’t something I wanted to do.

After switching to the cup, I no longer have cramps, I don’t have to change every 2 hours and I just feel so much more comfortable!

I’m not the only one either! Here are some other momma’s opinions on the cup!

“I cannot use pads – I either react due to the chemicals in them or I react to my own blood. Even reusable cloth pads are out for me. I need something internal. I’ve tried several types of menstrual cups and have had some interesting experiences. First thing is that you MUST be sure that it’s made of medical grade silicone. There are a lot of $2.00 ones out there that are not safe, and people just don’t seem to know or care – they just look at the price tag. Very dangerous. For my first menstrual cup, after a lot of research, I thought that the Diva Cup would be right for me. It was my first one, so I didn’t know at the time that it was uncomfortable – or that it was too large for me. Because of my age, it’s recommended that I use the largest cup – but that is just simply too large for my body. For the first year, I hadn’t realized that and could always feel a little pressure from the cup inside of me. I just didn’t know at the time that that wasn’t the way it was supposed to feel. I found a good deal on the Luna Cup two-pack (it comes with both the small and the large Luna Cups in it). To date, this is far and away my favorite brand. I decided to give the small cup a try and immediately realized the difference in comfort. The Luna Cup was slightly softer and a little easier to insert because of that. The comfort of it is perfect – you don’t even feel it once you put it in. I also discovered something else – my menstrual cramps entirely disappeared when I started using the menstrual cups. They’re gone.” -Katrina


“Cups seemed super gross to me, but it seemed better than the chemicals and I’ve heard tampons just stop it from coming out. So I just recently switched to a cup. Once you get over the different level of grossness, it’s way better. Application is obviously something you have to learn but it isn’t terrible. I like that it measures how much.” -Kymberly


“I tried using cups. Because of the angle my vagina is at, I couldn’t get a good “seal” so to speak and I always leaked.” -Rebekah


“A friend of mine made me reusable cloth pads. I never really had a problem with disposable, but wanted to be more environmentally friendly. (Can’t wear tampons- just don’t work for me. Never comfy.) the plus side of reusable- environment friendly, so much softer!, you can pick designs you like (she made me pass with bugs and it freaked me out but made me more conscious of how I think about my period and what’s in my pants. I recovered them with material I like!). You learn more about your body and period when you wash them out. I feel closer to my body. I’ve stopped getting cramps and uncomfy periods- not sure if that’s due to just the pad change or other lifestyle changes.Downside: you gotta figure out a routine to clean them. It’s a learning process to move over from disposable. But I’m happy I did it. I feel like my family is more involved in my period- as in they care about me more now that they see me caring for my period as opposed to before.” -Anonymous


“I was given a diva cup from a friend as a Christmas gift 12 years ago. At first I laughed at her, but when she told me it had changed her life, I decided to give it a try. She was totally right- it changed my life! Prior to this I had been a tampon only user. I’ve always been an athlete, so wearing a pad has never been comfortable. The cup is tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it there’s no leaking and you can leave it in for 12 hours! This is especially great for me as a marathon runner– I don’t have to worry about changing protection during a long run. Once it’s inserted correctly, you don’t even know it’s there. The best part is the effect on the environment. By using a diva cup for 12 years I’ve saved the environment from thousands of tampon waste.” -Ashley


“I love it! I have the Lena and it’s great! I had much less severe cramping during my last period. Plus, it was 3 days shorter than the previous one!” -Kalyn


“Cups and reusable pads solved ANY AND ALL cramps I had!!!! I’ll never go back!” -Kristina


“I had a horrible reaction to disposable pads. My grandmother introduced me to cloth (‘just shove a rag in your panties. That’s what we did. Why else did you think it got that name?’)” -Amy


“I experienced less cramping with a cup and I love knowing I’m not putting toxic chemicals into my most sacred space. It is the original environment of a new human after all, so I want to give any future kids the best start possible. Also, a word of advice to newbies- MAKE SURE you get the right size!!!!!!! I thought I could eek by with my size one (that I purchased the month before I got pregnant… haha figures). It worked okay after one kid, but after #2, all bets were off. Now I’m going to get the correct size and hope all my problems will be solved.” -Kristen


“I would hate to go back to disposable menstrual products after using cups. I first used the diva cup which was a great experience, but I did have some leaking, so had to wear a pantyliner with it and empty it frequently. I did some research and thought the luna cup would be a better fit. Many of the shorter cups compromise volume, and I have extremely heavy periods, so wanted something with the same capacity as the diva cup. So far I’ve only used the luna cup for one cycle and it’s much better for me than the diva cup!” -Alex


“I use cups and reusable pads. A definite life saver. I noticed a huge difference in my cycle. Less cramps and bleeding. Shorter cycle. I do use more expensive organic disposable pads when I’m traveling for convenience. I’m thinking about trying those THINX undies for night time.” -Lauren


“Love my lunette cup!! There’s a bit of a learning curve, but such a time saver and feels great to have the comfort of being padless without toxic materials inside me! I’ve had the same one for over 4 years and it’s in great shape still (granted there was a pregnancy and 18 months of no cycle thrown in there too, and now another pregnancy) I recommend cups to everyone!” -Ashlee


“Cloth pads reduced the severity of my pcos symptoms ten fold ! Plus they are just so cute, I actually don’t mind having a period!” -Caroline

What about you? Have you ever thought about making the switch? 

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