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Loving Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

It may be because I grew up celebrating Valentine’s Day as a holiday and not a “hallmark card” day, as a day about LOVE, not romance.

This year, being my third year divorced, I am fully content being single on Valentines Day! 

Growing up my mom made Valentine’s Day about God’s love for us, my sister has always said Valentine’s Day is her favorite and makes sure everyone around her feels loved. In turn, I now celebrate Valentine’s Day with my daughter, as well as, everyone I love! 

Yes, society tells us (and shows us) that it is a day to spend, spoil and show affection. I mean, there are some serious expectations when it comes to this day- am I right? 

On the contrary, I’ve heard people say they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at all because “they show their love all year long”. Which is great, but I quickly remind myself we can never celebrate love too much. It may sound cliche, but in the world we are living in today, I want to spread as much love as I can. If that means celebrating a day that shoves love in our faces and reminds us that we are single- I’m okay with that! We can chose to enjoy valentines a day even without a significant other.
We can chose to make it about Love. Loving yourself, loving your children, your family, your friends, a co-worker or maybe a neighbor! 
I can not wait to make valentine cards with my daughter for her class for the very first time and  bake some yummy goodies with my nieces. I’ll buy myself fresh flowers to brighten up the house. Go ahead and treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Order take out from your favorite restaurant. Or just cuddle your sweet babies a little tighter. Whatever it is that makes you smile, do that for you, this Valentine’s Day!

And don’t forget to say “I love you”, to all of those in your life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
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