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How Loving Myself Makes Me the Best Parent

Breakfast--1024x768Self care. What is it? And how do we take care of ourselves when we are constantly caring for babies, and husbands and doing food prep and cleaning and everything else our lives require of us? Is self care really that important? or even possible? The answer is yes.

It is so possible and SO important. I like to imagine myself as a pitcher of water. (half full some days…some days I’m half empty). But its my job to fill my children up. To fill my husband up. And how can I possibly do that if I am empty? Being a mother is the most incredible but challenging jobs any of us will ever have. Its exhausting, its exhilarating. But we cannot possibly do all the things required of us on an empty tank. We need to water to survive, we need nutrition to function. How many days have you had where you get the kids up and ready and you start hitting your to do list and before you know it, its 2pm and you haven’t had one thing to eat other than a handful of goldfish? I know that filling my body with healthy options will not only give me more energy, but it will create a better immune system to protect me from the kids nasty germs that they so lovingly pass on to us. But loving myself isn’t just about making sure I actually get a meal during the day.

Loving myself means I am also investing in myself and my mental & physical health. Lets be honest, of course kids take up physical energy, but the emotional and mental energy that they suck out of us is immeasurable. And its nothing that they do on purpose, but the constant thoughts of picking the right foods, to buying new shoes, to talking about how they felt that day, to answering their 9,752 questions about the moon. Its exhausting. But some important questions to ask ourselves are who are we connected with? Who is pouring in to me in my time of need? Am I pouring into anyone else? Community is a huge way I make sure I love myself. So carve out some “me time”, and enjoy it with out all the distractions of the endless to do lists and the needs of others. Make yourself a priority, so you can properly love those beautiful little children.

Here are some ways that I personally fill myself back up and make sure that I am in tip top shape to create a happy & healthy family by loving myself…

I make sure I am fed with healthy food + shake options
I shower & get ready, even if it means just mascara and chapstick.
I read often
I Journal or do a study
I Sit at a coffee shop ALONE or walk around Target ALONE
I Treat myself to something… (Have grace on yourself, and enjoy some freakin ice cream)
I work out, run or do some Yoga.
I plan ahead (this is KEY to loving yourself. plan for it, or it won’t happen)

How dow does loving yourself make you the best parent and what does that look like?

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