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Loving Your Home In Our “Pinterest-Driven” Mom Life!

Do you ever go to someone else’s home and just stare? Thinking, “Wow, look at their family photos, I love their floors, oh my goodness where did they get that farmhouse style coffee bar.”

You might quickly find your thoughts running wild into the dark pit of comparison. But don’t do it!

YOU have to occupy your own space without thinking about how other homes are “different” or “better” than yours.

Shifting your thoughts to positivity will continually breed more positivity. Likewise, negativity will continue to multiply itself and poison your mind. Breeding positivity will lead to greater patience, wisdom, hope and faith. I can genuinely speak from experience!

I used to hate my homes, and I would never decorate. As I’ve changed what I allow into my thought waves and the words that are entertained or thrown out; I am able to bring a true brightness into my home! You’d never know that I have ugly yellow paint, and stock-grade weird oak colored cabinets. And now we get tons of compliments when people come to our home.

Next time you’re cleaning your house, I want you to speak (out loud) and compliment yourself.  

“I love my cute little brown couch.” Try it! Honestly! Say it OUT LOUD. It will make a huge difference.

AND, set aside about thirty dollars and go visit the dollar spot at Target! Get some cute seasonal trinkets, or even a new “to-do list magnet” and watch your smile entertain your newfound happiness.

One day I’ll have a fancy schmancy upgraded home; in the meanwhile, I am upgrading my current home with love, laughter, memories, and some good ol’ Target décor!


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