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Let’s Get Festive! – Valentine’s Decor



I grew up with a mom who would sprinkle little decor pieces and details around the house for each holiday and over time, I grew to really love that! 

I may be a person who simply likes change, much to my husband’s dismay when he comes home and the house is completely rearranged, but each holiday seems like the perfect excuse to mix it up a bit.

Whether you want to stalk the aisles of Hobby Lobby and spend a pretty penny making your house look like cupid shot his heart arrow right into your family room… or you just want a dash of red and pink from items in the Target $1 bins, here are a few tips!

     This is a great time to scour the shelves of big stores and get things at a discounted price. I love going to Target, Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods and Marshalls to find all those festive pieces but at a fraction of the cost. You wallet (and honey!) will thank you for that one.


     When I’m browsing the holiday aisles I like to remind myself I don’t need it all. Reason being, you can overpower a space when throwing in festive colors and you still want your place to feel warm, welcoming and easy on the eyes. Start with a few items that really catch your eye, take them home, style, and if you feel more is necessary, make another trip!


     Christmas is typically the time I go winter wonderland and keep the traditional red and green to a minimum. Valentine’s Day can be equally diverse when picking what you want to add to make the house feel extra loved. It’s really popular to add more rustic touches these days with aged wooden hearts, muted glitter tones or burlap and doilies. You could also opt for the obvious of pink, red and purple and make your space a lot more Hallmark-esque.


     Lastly, keep your budget in mind! I’m asked all the time how to make my space change with each season and honestly, Target knows where it’s at. They stock some amazing and super cute goodies in their $1 bins and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve only dropped $20 and our home is set for a particular holiday. Some items range up to $3 but again, you’re not spending a fortune to make things quaint and decorative for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween… etc.

What are some things you like to do for each little holiday? Do you craft your decor or stock up in the off season? Do share!

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