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LEGO Party Ideas Round-Up

The sun is out, temperatures are rising, and party season is here! I have two boys with summer birthdays, so I’ve got my party planning hat on. But I honestly don’t know how we’ll top what we did last year!

Carter is a huge LEGO fan, so for his 6th birthday, we decided to throw him a LEGO Movie birthday party! We went all out with all the LEGO party ideas we could think of, from decorations, to activities, to snacks, and more. We invited his whole class, and everyone had a fantastic time.


Today I’m sharing 5 LEGO party decoration and activity ideas, to help you throw the most awesome LEGO bash!

First, let’s get the place decorated:

1. LEGO Head Jar

This LEGO Head Jar is the perfect addition to any party table. He looks just like the little LEGO guy heads, is easy to make, and can hold any variety of things! We used ours for extra snacks, like fruit roll-ups. You could even use him later to hold your LEGOs!


Here is the full LEGO Head Jar Tutorial. These are such a hit with everyone!

2. LEGO Hand Sanitizer

What party doesn’t need hand sanitizer?! This simple yet useful addition to the party was a huge hit with the parents! It’s easy too, just stick the LEGO bricks into the liquid, and they float!


Now we are ready for our party guests and need some fun activities for them:

3. LEGO Car Racing

The kids spent most of their time at the LEGO Car Racing activity. We bought a variety of car pieces, and the kids got to make their own cars and race them down a track. Perfect for all ages!


See how we made the boards for our LEGO Car Racing, and how much fun the kids had!

4. LEGO Man Craft

Another activity we had was the LEGO Man Craft. This was perfect for when the kids were tired of running around and wanted to sit and work with their hands for a bit.


This activity requires a little bit of prep work, cutting out all the pieces, but it was worth it to see the kids happily carry their LEGO man home with them! See the full LEGO Man Craft tutorial here.

Lastly, let’s send everyone home, LEGO-style!

5. LEGO Treat Bags

What better to send home with the party goers than their own bag of LEGOs? Healthier than candy, and one mom told me that her son played with his bag of LEGOs for hours!


Don’t forget to package them up in cute bags and tags!

To see these ideas (and more!) in action, check out my LEGO Movie Party recap!

What will you be celebrating this summer?


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