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Last Name: Hungry. First Name:…Always!

“Can I have a snack please?…Like maybe a steak?” 

The famous line my son whipped out a few weeks ago when prompted at a friends house if he was hungry, kicking off the “i’m always hungry” {summer} season with a bang. 
I am NOT the snack house. Usually, I have a various Annie’s organic snacks, and maybe some pretzels, and we survive all year…until summer. Before I even wake up my kids pound a box of granola bars, a bag of popcorn, a block of cheese and anything else they can easily open. I know these because like opossums they leave evidence behind. These are not big kids. My three year old is 29 pounds and she’s gearing up, I’m sure, to beat Joey Chestnut at this years Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition. 
So why is it during the summer my kids are so hungry? They can’t be bored because ….I am “that” mom. We are always doing something, going somewhere, playing with someone and they are always well-fed. I make huge breakfasts EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. Yet, everyday the theme song in my house is SNACKS. SNACKS. SNACKS (sang to the tune of Lil Jon’s ‘Shots’). 

Upon minimal scientific research, I’ve found no evidence to link hot temperatures to appetite, however, I invite a new study to be opened and conducted in my household. My only advice to you is to forget the college fund, next year be saving for summer snacks. 


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  1. Claire Waite
    Claire Waite August 7, 2018 at 4:14 pm #

    YES! This sounds just like my house. I even have one child who would totally ask for a steak as a snack! For me, the heat makes me not want to eat, but for my kiddos it is definitely the opposite.

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