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Last Minute, Mess Free Valentine’s Gift!

We’ve all been there. Just a few days away from a holiday and we forgot a gift!

Don’t worry, this year I’ve got you covered!

If you have little ones and want to make a special Valentine’s gift for your significant other, this is a simple and FUN project that they will love! 


  • Blank canvas
  • Paint
  • Cling wrap, painter tape, scissors
  • Oh & a cute, silly baby 🙂


  1. First I started by cutting up some painters tape and creating a “design” for our canvas. I’m no perfectionist when it comes to painting crafts!
  2. I then squeezed some paint out onto the canvas in random spot. I didn’t do nearly enough the first time and needed to add more! 
  3. Next, wrap the canvas in cling wrap! I put a piece along the length of the picture then added 2 more pieces across to ensure no messes were to be made.
  4. Let your babe get some sensory fun in and squish that paint alllll around!

Here is what her making her masterpiece & the final product! 

Like I said, I am no perfectionist with paint. If you want clean lines – try prepping the canvas beforehand as the paint will leak through the tape. Or just go and clean it up with some white paint! 

I love the way this canvas turned out and I can’t wait for Maelyn to gift it to her daddy! What are some last minute gifts you have created for Valentine’s day?

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