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Kid’s Friendship Soup Activity

Kid's Friendship Soup Activity

This past weekend we held our annual Friendsgiving. I always like to have an activity for the kids and this year it was a HIT! So I decided to share with you!

So here is my Kid’s Friendship Soup Activity::

I simply put out several ingredients and the kiddos were able to add in whatever items they wanted for their soup. It was like they were making their own little trail mix. Feel free to add whatever ingredients you like. 

Soup Ingredients

Ingredient Ideas::

  • Raisins = Beans
  • m&m’s = Beans, Tomatoes and Corn
  • Marshmallows = Dumplings and Potatoes
  • Carmel Popcorn Mix = Potatoes
  • Pumpkin Candies = Carrots & Peas
  • Candy Corn = Corn and Onions
  • Red Nips = Tomatoes
  • Cheerios, Pretzels and Noodle Crackers = Noodles
  • Oyster and Ritz Crackers = Soup Toppers
  • Jelly Beans = Beans (Not Photoed)
  • Veggies Sticks = Green Beans and Noodles (Not Photoed)
  • Check Mix = Noodles (Not Photoed)

You can have kiddos share their soup with others (the friendship part of the activity) by exchanging creations OR have them enjoy their soup AKA “break bread” with friends.

For older kids you might consider making soup examples for them to replicate. I don’t think this would be well suited for the little kids because they are just so excited about the layout that they will likely dig right in.

Soup Examples

I put together some ideas for soups that you can consider creating. But the sky is the limit so get creative and see what you can easily “cook up!”


This version is my FAV! Includes Cracker Noodles, Pretzel Sticks, Pumpkin Candies (cut apart to make carrots & peas), Candy Corn yellow part (simply use kitchen scissors to cut yellow portion off), and red m&m’s.

Kid's Stew

Dumpling Soup::

Includes Marshmallows, Popcorn Mix, and Oyster Crackers.

Kid's Dumpling Potato Soup


Bean Soup::

Includes Honey Nut Cheerios, Raisins, and Brown m&m’s.

Kid's Bean Soup

Tomato Soup::

Includes Red Nibs, Red m&m’s, Crackers and Marshmallow (AKA Sour Cream)

Kid's Tomato Soup Craft

Corn Soup::

Includes yellow m&m’s, Candy Corn yellow tops (simply use kitchen scissors to cut yellow portion off) and Oyster Crackers

Kid's Corn Soup

What do you think of this activity?

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