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Just Call Me The Crazy Planner Lady

Hello, my name is Aubrey and I’m an OCD planner.

I shop for the following years planner around October time frame because I love to get it in hands, filled out and ready to add any appointments the second they’re booked that far in advance.

A bit much? I don’t think so! I know there are other people like this out there! 😉

On top of that, I go even more crazy when I can find coordinating note pads that align my schedule, let me fill out a to do list and keep all my ducks in a row.

Being a mama and getting three kids on a schedule and sticking to it is no joke; I’m sure you can relate so when I found Purposeful Planner on instagram last year, it completely fit the bill.

Corie, the owner, has nailed it when planning out the covers and their design, the time management tools and how the pages are laid out, the stretch bands to hold the planner together- because I can’t be the only one who stuffs the thing with receipts and bills. I mean, she thought of it all. I won’t lie, I ordered a handful of washi tape to make my pages even more cute when filling in all my tasks.

I’m a firm believer all moms need a system in place and planners and organizational resources can be pricey but well worth it but lucky you! Corie’s giving West Valley Moms 20% off through March 2nd with code “WVMB20”. Go browse, put it all in your cart and add in that code! It’s not too late to get organized for 2017 and Purposeful Planner can help you along the way.

This is a sponsored post with Purposeful Planner. My opinions are my own and as always my posts are honest ones.

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