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Incredibly Thrifted: Part Two – The Stuff

Incredibly Thrifted – West Valley Moms - Part 2

Last time around, I shared my absolute favorite thrift shops in the West Valley. You can read all the deets here, and then get back over here so we can talk about how to find the good stuff once you’re inside!

I know some of you love a long, leisurely stroll through aisles and aisles of clothes that are just waiting to be loved and purchased, but some of us are moms. Moms with children. Moms with children who rarely find themselves shopping without said children, so a game plan is a must and I’m here to share mine with you.


  1. Get a vision.

Whether you are thrifting for clothes, home décor, or even furniture, make sure you know what your style is. Pinterest is a great tool that can help define your style over time. When you pin things (or fold over magazine corners if you’re old school) don’t put too much thought into the process itself, just save things that you like. Later, you can go back through your pins and make a list based on what you like but don’t currently have in your closet.

Example – if you find yourself pinning a million pictures of outfits based around black skinny jeans but you have yet to purchase a pair, put it on the list. Same goes for a gallery wall of white frames or the perfect blue arm chair.

So, get a vision for your style and use it to make a list of wants/needs.

  1. Shop the list.

If black skinny jeans and a chambray button up are the only things on your list, don’t wander around the store for an hour perusing before you start  looking for what you want. Go right for the pants section, find your size, then look only at jeans that are black. If there are no winners, move on to the button-up shirt section. Again, find your size, look for denim possibilities that fit your style and see if there are any contenders.

Distractions are for moms who don’t have kids in tow. There is no guilt in just popping in for a few minutes to see if you can cross another piece or two off your list!



This resource will keep you on track and help you avoid unneeded purchases. Just because an item is priced at a fraction of the retail amount doesn’t mean you need to take it home.

  1. Don’t settle.

Some days you might leave empty handed and that is okay, especially if you only took ten minutes inside. It was worth the ten minutes just to check, because eventually those ten minutes will score you the perfect pair of whatever it is on your list and it will make. your. day.

So don’t grab that pair of grey skinny jeans that are a size too big and worn through in the seat. (ew.) Wait till you find the perfect pair of black skinny jeans that are your size, fit like a glove, and still look brand new! Maybe, they’ll even have the original tag on them!


Don’t let thrifting scare or overwhelm you! Find a decent store, get your game plan together, and get out there!


You’ve read our tips now grab your list and go! Tag us in your thrift store finds! #westvalleymoms

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