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How to Serve Those in Tough Seasons

It wasn’t long ago my husband and I found ourselves in a time of life calling for help from all our friends and family around us.


Granted, it didn’t take much calling because the people in our lives were bending over backwards to serve us in a tough season.

January 1, 2016, my husband was in an accident and his pinky finger was ripped off. It resulted in not being saved so it and part of his hand is now gone after an emergency surgery.
We were vacationing in Rocky Point, Mexico at the time and I’ll never forget the drive in the ambulance headed to the AZ border from there. I was texting and calling immediate family with the news and what hospital we were being transported to and a handful of them were waiting for us upon arrival.

Tears. Appreciation. Complete gratitude towards those who stood there welcoming us into a journey we didn’t know how to navigate.

Over the course of 4 months of him being out of work, we received the most love and care and I learned a few ways that were so important for me to then turn around and serve others who may also go through a tough time – so here’s some food for thought and my top 3 ways you can give back to those around you.
1. Meals – This may be the most obvious but when a tough season is happening, it’s so hard getting the time to simply meal plan, head to the store and cook and clean. This was the most important thing that kept us afloat because we have meals for a solid 5 weeks from loved ones.
I recommend prepping it in a disposable pan to cook in, bring dressings for salads and leave instructions on a note if it’s needed. Think of their life and if babies are involved, toss in a few baby food pouches or snacks for them too.
2. Offer Babysitting – With our scenario, we had an abundance of doctor, surgeon and therapy visits the first 2 months and those are environments kiddos aren’t typically welcomed. The hands we had loving on our kiddos was incredible.
3. Cleaning and Laundry – Things pile up, dust collects, a vacuum needs to be run and a lot of the time, you’re so focused on the tough situation you’re enduring that it doesn’t take priority. I had one friend who offered to come clean while I went to grab lunch for myself and my husband and it was beyond appreciated. We came home to a clean house and folded laundry and it was like we were starting with a blank slate.
It’s because of these gestures above we walked through that season of life with our heads held high. We knew we could count on our friends and family. Do you have any other ways you’d recommend serving others in times of need?
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