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How to Save on Christmas Presents

How to Save on Christmas Presents | West Valley Moms Blog
Spend nothing on Christmas presents! No, really. Today we’re going to talk about How to Save on Christmas Presents. The holidays can get expensive. Between food, travel, decorations and gifts you are most likely to spend a small fortune. But what if I took one of those expenses away?? The most important one at that! And without it affecting anything at all….that’s right, presents! Free presents!

Not possible right? Wrong! I’ve been doing this for years! I spend nothing on presents for my kids for Christmas. How? Different apps and sites that pay me for scanning or taking surveys. Absolutely free! I use Shopkick, Opinion Outpost, Bing Rewards, and Swagbucks.

I usually save my earnings all year for Christmas time BUT since the holidays are right around the corner, I’ll focus on the TWO that will make you the most in the shortest amount of time!

Shopkick: an app you download that requires you to scan items at stores (like Walmart, Target, and Safeway) for free! Every scan earns you “kicks”. Every 1250 kicks is a $5 GC to any of the reward companies. I can get 1250 in about 2-3 days. I always cash out at the $25 level for a Target GC. We have been rewarded with about $500 this year in target gift cards! You can use them in store or online and you get the GCs right away! Makes it for free presents! Here is the referral link to sign up for Shopkick.

Opinion Outpost: a website that requires you to complete surveys. Each survey is worth points. For every certain amount of points, you can cash out through PayPal or you can do what I do and get Amazon GCs! I make $5 a day using Opinion Outpost…I’ve made $150 in Amazon Gift cards in the last 2 months. Free gifts! Be sure to fill out your whole profile because that will help you qualify for more surveys. If you don’t qualify right away for surveys, don’t give up! I usually only qualify for 1 out of every 7 surveys!

I hope this helps you in this time of spending! Happy Shopping!

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