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Why I Love My Messy House

I am a mom of three little earthlings, which means I am a mom of three little mess makers!  As I sit here and type this, my home is a hot mess!  I have a mountain of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and a bathroom trash spilling over with  barely used Kleenex!  The wall leading to the hallway is covered in finger prints, and three beds are not made.  Am I annoyed by this, or bothered in any way?  Not in the least bit!
WVMB Why I Love My Messy House1You see, over the years I have watched my messy house change with every milestone of my children’s lives.  It all started with a blanket on the floor, a box of wet wipes and diapers near by.  A few baby toys adorned the freshly cleaned carpet, and a baby bath perched upon our kitchen counter top.  One tiny baby sock and a lost pacifier under the arm chair.  A tiny pile of laundry sitting next to the Dreft detergent.

They began to sit up and crawl. Now I had an entire DVD collection pulled out of the nearby entertainment stand, a trail of Cheerios lay along a path leading to pots and pans strewn all over the kitchen floor.  A random toy lay anywhere from the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.  One baby sock, dirty from being drug around all day. I have a pile of laundry that needs to be treated, with dirty grass stained knees.

Oh gosh they are walking now!  Baby gates galore!  A lone sippy cup….drip….drip…drip.  The entire roll of toilet paper, unrolled and overflowing the toilet.  Tiny sticky hand prints on every corner, and sloppy kisses on every mirror door!  Little perfect bite size pieces of food rest under the high chair.  There is one tiny shoe, and a pile of very messy laundry!

WVMB Why I Love My Messy HouseMy children start school. I find globs of toothpaste in the bathroom sink.  Backpacks emptied out in the entry way.  A refrigerator covered with pictures, spelling tests, and the Word Whammer. Children’s artwork on every wall, and Crayons on every table.  Student of the month awards, piles of papers to sign, and homework!  Sand filled shoes, and a bigger pile of laundry!

WVMB Why I Love My Messy House 3They are older now, in junior high and high school.  Devices, chargers and cords occupy any available outlet.  Video game controllers, hair brushes, and jewelry scattered about.  Perfume bottles, nail polish, and makeup are on counter tops.  There are dusty Disney movies, and stacks of forgotten toys.   A pile of laundry lying next to the empty clothes hamper.

Today my house has dirty dishes in the sink, a pile of laundry in the basket, and finger prints on the walls.  There are unmade beds, and messy rooms.  My home has always been clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy!  Dirty dishes in the sink means all my children were here filling their bellies.  A pile of laundry means memories were being made.  Fingerprints on the wall meant tiny fingers were there. Unmade beds just means dreams were being had.  Messy rooms say, there was life!

Soon the finger prints will be gone and covered with a fresh coat of paint.  The beds will stay made.  The sink and laundry basket will be empty, and so will my home.  So for now, you won’t find me busy cleaning, because I’m too busy living!  Life is too short, our kids grow too fast!  Without living you are not making memories, without memories your not living.  So for now, LOVE your mess, it won’t be there forever!

WVMB Why I Love My Messy House 4

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  1. Rusty sexton March 23, 2016 at 2:54 pm #

    Love reading theses stories

  2. Robert March 23, 2016 at 5:19 pm #


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