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Hey Mama! Put The Guilt Sandwich Down

I have personally come under attack tons in my walk in parenthood.

No topics is free from criticism and critique.

Everything from having my kids too close together in age, having too many kids, going back to work too soon, giving them technology too much and the list goes onnnnnn and PAINFULLY on. I’m a people pleaser by nature so it hurts when I feel attacked by my own friends and especially my family.

A long time ago I decided enough was enough.

Though that person (read criticizer) might have meant well, the advice given was harmful to me in my walk in motherhood. So I changed my frame of mind. I had to!

I decided that that person isn’t in my shoes. They don’t know my struggles. How could they?

The don’t have as many kids as I do…their kids aren’t as close in age…they have the same views as I do, etc. etc. etc. So how can they empathize with me?!…read compare themselves to me when we don’t have the same path?! They CAN’T!

I see it far too often other moms letting others get to them…those close to them and even strangers on the internet share an opinion that will send them into a tailspin.

I mean the great debates on breastfed vs. bottle fed, vaccines vs. no vaccines, epidural vs. no epidural, cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers, organic vs. non organic, co-sleeping vs. sleep training are literally not going anywhere.

And when a mama hears someone else’s opinion she goes and makes herself a guilt sandwich!

Stop that! Put the guilt sandwich down.

My system isn’t perfect. I struggle still. I let things get to me. But I always come back to the fact that they are not me! This is my life, my decision about XYZ.

I decided to put the guilt sandwich down a long time ago and pick up the power to simply agree to disagree and to just live my life how I choose.

I challenge you to do the same.

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