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Hello, Mommy Time!

Whenever I think about leaving my house with my children to go take a fitness class, I think “not going to work.”

It’s hard to find childcare that lines up with the class you want to take, the facilities are usually dirty and crowded, or your kids just aren’t comfortable with the area or the stranger that you’re attempting to leave them with. It’s more of a headache than the class is worth.  

I recently had the opportunity to try an intro to Pilates class at Pure Physique Pilatez. I had never done Pilates outside of my home, so I was excited to see what it was like! 
As I pulled up with only a few minutes to spare, I was greeted by two of their wonderful staff. They walked me to the back where the cutest little kids area was. It had a viewing window attached to the class, a table with puppets and crafts, along with other toys. The staff was great and my boys were at ease as they entered. 
I then got to enjoy an hour of “me” time with a few other individuals.  The class was small and intimate, which allowed more one on one attention as needed.  It was filled with stretching, breathing and challenging our bodies to go a little further. Their equipment was really neat and I enjoyed learning how to use them. This low impact workout was a great intro for anyone looking to learn a little more about Pilates! 
The experience was incredible and it was really nice to finally find a Pilates studio with Childcare. I feel like you can only find childcare in big gyms. Rarely the smaller yoga studios and Pilates studios. So I am so thankful for fellow mompreneurs who put their awesome ideas into actions! After all, moms definitely know what other moms need! 
This is a sponsored post for Pure Physique Pilatez. I had the opportunity to attend their classes at no cost but my opinions are my own and this post is an honest one.
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