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Healthy Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Let’s talk about what it means to be healthy.

What does healthy look like to you? My answer to that today, as a thirty one year old mom, is drastically different than it was in my twenties. 

Twenty year old me though that “healthy” was eating fat free cookies and mindlessly spending thirty minutes a day on the elliptical. I thought healthy was wearing a size four and being skinny and petite. Which is funny, because I’m taller than average at 5’8” and nothing about me has ever been “petite”. I achieved my idea of “healthy” and felt worse than ever; run down, tired, unhappy.

Healthy to me now is so much more.

I still workout, but I vary my workouts between running, boxing, and weight training. Sometimes my workout for the day is toting around my one year old daughter. I also run outdoors with her in the jogging stroller. She loves it and for me its meditative. I get stronger, faster, and more confident, which transcends into every other area of my life.

Healthy now is more than a fit body; It’s a state of mind. It’s waking up and looking forward to the day. Appreciating the perfect cup of coffee in the morning when everyone is still sleeping.

Healthy isn’t perfection, because we as human beings, mothers, wives, friends, sisters, and daughters, aren’t perfect. Perfection is a myth. Twenty year old me became discouraged when I gained a few pounds or ate a few extravagant meals. Thirty one year old me now realizes that I’m an imperfect person. So I eat the chocolate, enjoy it, wipe the slate clean, keep on truckin’, and don’t look back. Try it. Your kiddos are watching. Show them what it means to be the healthy, strong, and resilient human being that you are!


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One Response to Healthy Doesn’t Mean Perfect

  1. Benita March 29, 2017 at 12:30 pm #

    You are fierce…You are strong. You are my friend. 🙂

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