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Gratitude Journal for Kids

A huge focus this year for my family is being thankful and expressing gratitude. We make it a conscience effort to express our thanks for simple, everyday things as well as for the BIG, huge exciting things. I’ve noticed that with my husband and I modeling this, my daughter picks up on it more and more. I often hear her talking about being grateful for the ‘little’ things like nice weather or pretty clouds in the sky… and of course she expresses her thanks for the BIG stuff too like our recent family vacation or her pet bunny. Raising grateful children in a world full of wants and frivolous ‘things’ can be a challenge. So this month we are really hitting the THANKFUL button on the head with this Gratitude Journal for Kids.

Gratitude Journal for Kids1

You can easily buy your kiddos each their own journal, or you can make it into a crafty fun time and have the kids make their own! You will need a notebook, craft paper, ribbon, a marker, embellishments, scissors, and a hot glue gun. All of which can be found at your local Dollar Tree (minus the glue gun!).

Gratitude Journal for Kids2

We traced around the front and back cover of a composition book onto the craft paper. Then we cut it out with scissors and glued it onto the covers with a hot glue gun. We covered the ‘seam’ of the paper with ribbon and added leaf embellishments as well. Then I wrote “I am so thankful…” on the front with a marker.

Gratitude Journal for Kids3

Then it was time for our first entry in the Gratitude Journal! My daughter was so excited to write and draw in it…

Gratitude Journal for Kids4

During our craft session, we talked a lot about the words gratitude and thankful and what it means to BE thankful. We plan to all write in this Gratitude Journal as a family, but you could easily have your own. Each day we will write something different. We will remember to focus on the little and the big things. We will relish in the moments we have together. We will cherish our many blessings, while starting a new family tradition.

Thanks so much for reading! Let us know in the comments if you’ll be making a Gratitude Journal for Kids!

What would you write for your first entry in the Gratitude Journal? I think I’ll be writing that I’m thankful for gluten free stuffing and gravy for Thanksgiving this year!

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