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Go Ahead, Love Yourself.


It all comes down to one word… “love.”

Often times as mamas, this means loving others and forgetting about ourselves.  We are in such a habit of serving our family that our wants and needs get put on the back burner.  We then feel bad about our looks, our weight, or our lack of being the “perfect” ______________ (you fill in the blank).

But I want to challenge you today to:  Love the Skin You’re In. 

When you see those words, what comes to mind? Are you thinking, “I already do!” Or are you thinking “easier said than done.” As a mama, we often struggle with these words. Our bodies have changed so much after growing or precious babies, we have so much on our plate that there’s just no time for ourselves, or we feel guilty to take any more time away from our littles to focus on us. 
As mamas, loving the skin we’re in, doesn’t mean that we are at our “goal” weight or have incredibly flat abs. (Although that would be nice too!) It means loving yourself for where you’re at. It’s accepting those stretch marks and imperfections as tattoos of the amazing gifts we got to grow inside of us. Loving the skin you’re in means that it’s OK to take time each day to focus on yourself, to focus on your goals, and to focus on being the best mama you can be. 

So take a little time each day to love on yourself. Give yourself permission to take time alone to read a book, workout, or even to take a walk down every isle at Target while sipping your favorite drink. 



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