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Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic Mom

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Fanatic Mom HERO

Christmas is almost here and I’ve made a list of some of my favorite fitness related things that you might also want to ask for from Santa. Or if you have a fitness fanatic mom in your life, this gift guide will come in handy! I also love a good deal, so I contacted each of the retailers below to see if they would be willing to offer a discount to the West Valley Mom Blog followers and they all graciously agreed! Hope you enjoy these suggestions.

1. SHOES (Sole Sports in Glendale): Any fitness person loves shoes, they make you feel good and can keep you from acquiring injuries. It is funny how a pair of shoes can get you motivated to work out. I don’t always get excited to lace up my old shoes and hit the pavement for a run, however that first day after the purchase of new shoes I am eagerly jumping out of bed and lacing them up! A great pair of shoes almost becomes a fitness mom’s best friend. My shoes and I have seen the sun rise, the sun set, ran through rainstorms, crossed finish lines, helped pick me up from a fall from a bump in the sidewalk, and so much more! Sole Sports is a great runners store here in Glendale AZ and is offering 10% off of apparel and accessories, just use the code Fit4Mom in the Glendale store.

2. SUPPORT SYSTEM & FITNESS GROUP (Peoria Stroller Strides): When I had my first baby I knew nothing about how to keep up with my fitness routine while having a child. For me, and I know it is not the same for everyone, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my baby at childcare in the gym so I sat up one night and googled everything from mommy & me, fitness & fun, fun with baby etc and found what I call my LIFE SAVER – Stroller Strides! I attended my first class and have been hooked ever since. Stroller Strides is one stop shopping for the fitness fanatic mom. They offer classes all week and you get to take your baby and get a great workout, for me it was a WIN-WIN! The workouts are tough (definitely not a stroll in the park), there are playgroups after class, crafts, moms night out events, community events and a fabulous community of moms. After being a mom in the program in CA, we as a family decided to move to AZ, and now I have opened my own Stroller Strides here in the West Valley called Fit 4 Mom Peoria/Surprise. For the month of December we are offering a 5 class package for $40, NO Obligation, NO registration fee, just a group of moms with open arms who are ready to meet you. Please contact [email protected] for information to purchase this as a gift! Visit Peoria Fit 4 Mom for more information.

3. SUNSET SIGN DESIGNS (Fitness Tank Tops): Lets face it, if you feel good about yourself when you walk into a workout you are more likely to kill that workout! I found these tank tops and absolutely love them, the sayings are perfect, the colors are fashionable and the fit is cute & comfy. I am a mom who is always in a pony tail, yoga pants and a tank top, so when I found these tank tops it was like I had found the perfect Little Black Dress! Check out all of the adorable designs at Sunset Sign Designs and if you put in the code FITFORMOM10 you will receive 10% off your purchase!

4. SENSIBLE YOGA MAT STRAP: Anything that has hands free in the description has me sold from the get go. I am a mom of three who usually is holding a million things and then have to tell my girls to hold my shirt, grab my elbow etc, anything so that we can have contact while safely crossing the street! This Yoga Mat strap is amazing, it is adjustable for me to wear as a sling, over my shoulder, and can even go on a single or double stroller, which is a total SCORE, I have never seen a yoga mat strap that goes over a double stroller. This strap also has a huge pocket attached that is big enough for my sunglasses, keys and iphone (even big enough for the new iphone 6 plus)! The last thing that I loved about this strap is that it is embossed with the words “Believe In You”, I love this simple reminder, as it is hard as a mom to always believe in yourself, but something that is oh so important! This product is new and just released it can be found on Amazon and you can use the code 10FITMOM for 10% off.

5. BEECAUSECHARMS (Fitness Shoe Charms): Bling is always fun to add while working out. These shoe charms are the perfect bling to make you feel girly while you are sweating during that race, bootcamp, DVD etc. I am a big runner and run with my girls in the stroller, they are my running partners and sometimes when I do a race and they aren’t with me I can get a little lonely. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice sometimes not to have to run with one earphone out and get asked for sippy cups, but I do feel that since they log so many miles with me that it would be nice for them to cross the finish line with me. When I had my first daughter I did actually grab her at mile 26 and run the last .2 with her in my arms, that was the longest .2 of my life, but a memory we will forever have. Now that I have twins it is just impossible so I have these awesome shoe charms that have their little faces on the top of my shoes and I can look down for inspiration whenever I need it. They also have charms of different milestones 13.1, 26.2, running buddy charms and so much more. Check out BeeCause Charms for all the designs and enter code FIT4MOM for a 10% discount valid until Dec 31, 2014.

I hope that you can find a meaningful, functional, and unique gift from my Christmas list and even save a little money while doing so from the discounts. Happy Shopping!

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