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Gift Ideas for Mom Friends

The season of gift giving is here and the Christmas lists keeps getting longer and the stress of what to get everyone creeps up and then suddenly you have a week or maybe a few days before Christmas and you still need to shop for a few mom friends.

I love shopping for my mom friends because I shop like I’m buying for myself and lets be honest, I pretty much am! I always have an item for myself in the cart, cause spoiling ourselves is self care and us moms need self care especially during the holiday season!

Below I put together a list of gift ideas if you feel stumped and need help on what to gift a mom friend.

1. Personalize it!

Coffee cups, wine glasses, t-shirts and tumblers.

2. Books:

The Magnolia Story, by far a favorite book for many! A great book or bible study that you may have enjoyed. Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist is the most recent study that I have finished and I loved it! I highly recommend that book!

3. Customized Gift Baskets:

-A Spa Night In; foot spa, foot scrubs and lotions, polish, slippers and socks.

A Favorites Thing basket; You can have fun with this one! You can either fill the basket with his/hers favorite things, or fill it with your favorite things. I think it’s cool to try a basket full of things a friend has recommended. There’s things in there that you have never known about and may love after this gift and it also teaches you a little about your gifting friend.

4. Farm House Chic Decor

Are you shopping for a Fixer Upper, farmhouse, shiplap and everything Magnolia lover? If yes, go straight to Target and pick up some goodies from the Hearth and Hand collection, or if you prefer to shop online, hit up Magnolia Market and there’s tons of great gifts!

5. Homemade Personalized Gift

My mother made one of these for my family and ever since, I have made a few of these for gifts. This gift is something you have to plan ahead as you need scrabble letters to make it. You can search for the scrabble game at your local goodwill or thrift stores. I know a few friends who have purchased scrabble letters online as well.

6. Gift cards:

I know you’re thinking that’s not thoughtful at all, BUT in actuality it is very thoughtful! Well to me it is! As a mom, a simple card with a gift card for me to choose what to do with, is a push for me to take time for myself!

Starbucks, Dutch Bros, or any local coffee shop.

Target…What mom doesn’t love strolling the isles in Target?!

American Eagle Outfitters is the best place to get the comfiest clothes that fit all body types! Perfect jeans for us moms to chase our little ones around still look cute!

Lush. I can go crazy in this store! I usually buy a couple of my favorite products and then include a gift card so that my friend can try out my picks and then get something they would like to try.

Amazon and Visa, by far great picks no matter what! Great for those Prime members and online shoppers!

Movie or restaurant gift cards are also great! I’ve never use to understand when I seen people out to eat or at the movies by themselves, and now I get it! They’re a parent, ha!

7. Something Cozy

Some like the traditional cozy warm gifts so a soft blanket, robe, slippers and a cardigan or sweater is perfect! Add a candle and a journal to make it a bit more special.

8. Monthly subscription boxes

Boxy Charm, Fab Fit Fun, Birch Box, Book of the Month and Hello Fresh are all great subscription boxes that you can gift up to 3 months or more to make it a big gift!

9. Google Home and/or Google Home Mini:

This awesome device is on sale so hurry and go grab one, or two! That’s what I did!

10. A Free Night of Babysitting

How awesome does that sound? How awesome will you be to gift that to a mom friend who desperately needs a date night out with her hubby?! Sometimes its extremely difficult to find a sitter and someone you can trust, so why not put your friend’s mind at ease and gift her a night of FREE babysitting! Be even better and add a gift card for something they can enjoy on their date night!

I hope these gift ideas help you! If you have any other gift ideas for mom friends, please shoot me a comment so I can add that to my personal lists. 

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One Response to Gift Ideas for Mom Friends

  1. Judy Coniglio December 2, 2017 at 10:06 am #

    Sara, this is an amazing blog, your ideas are always a hit and such a big help. You’re doing a wonderful job, I’m so proud of you.

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