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Getting To The Bottom Of…Your Feet


I love to host parties.

Birthdays, award ceremony viewings, even potato chip tastings (although I think it was a unanimous decision to retire this one after the wasabi/cappucino saga of 2015). I love to host parties so much that I decided to throw a housewarming/baby shower two weeks before I was due with baby #2 and only a few weeks after we had moved into our new home. Fun idea or crazy, you can be the judge, but we can all agree on a mimosa bar (virgin for me, of course) and breakfast pastries? 

This is the first house we have owned and I am excited to make it ours both in physical changes and in the traditions that will follow. My first goal is to be a no shoes inside household. I’ve done just enough research on the subject to feel totally grossed out, while knowing how important it is to uphold this new rule. I even purchased a cute basket from Home Goods to place by the door for said footwear.

However, those physical changes to the house meant a rotating door of contractors and the holidays have meant lots of visitors. Of course two things I am grateful for, if only they didn’t come into my house with thousands of different unhygienic organisms and harmful bacteria on the bottom of their shoes. So, how do I uphold my wish to keep my new rug spotless and my floors free of yuck?

No, seriously, I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m otherwise outgoing, which is why I am so confused at my hesitation to remind guests to remove their shoes.

The day of the housewarming, we were blessed with one of those cool Arizona mornings that turned into a beautiful day to be outside. This was lucky for our guests, because I wasn’t about to have to ask that many people to remove their shoes.

It just seems so abrupt and harsh to me. “Oh, hi, welcome to my – shoes off please! – home.” Although I doubt many of my friends will show up to our house in their Manolos, I’d hate for it to turn into a Carrie Bradshaw shoe shaming situation.

It has crossed my mind to have our toddler as the shoe bouncer since she takes the new rule very seriously. “No shoes in the house mommy” was cute the first few times, but not after I finally got us all ready to leave the house. I’ll spare you the details on what it takes to get us all out the door because I’m sure you have seen some similar days, soul sister, and although we should take our shoes off again to run up the stairs, I really can’t face the laces for the 5th time.

I also love going to parties because, hello, no cleaning or doing dishes there.

Last month we attended a friend’s annual Christmas party. The catch? They are a no shoes inside household, so everyone wears socks! It was like an ugly Christmas sweater party for your feet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local professional basketball star or a CEO, everyone has common ground (feet?). According to the hostess, I need to just be direct with guests and tell them our house rule.

One of my main hang-ups is, I just can’t decide is if smelly socks and dirty sandal feet are worse than the germs! 

After a friendly interrogation of friends and my fellow West Valley Moms Bloggers on the subject, turns out the germs are worse. Since I haven’t really quite navigated how to get around asking a contractor to trade his shoes for socks with little dancing reindeer, I’ve invested in some booties to slip over those work boots.

Hopefully this isn’t a slippery slope toward plastic couch covers and raising my kids in a bubble.

Do you wear shoes in your house?

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