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From My Son’s Mouth… “What’s Circumcision?”

Can we just start this post with the blushing emoji?!

I mean, seriously. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and straight from my son’s mouth comes the words “What’s circumcision?”.

Naturally I dropped my spoon and my mouth fell open in shocked but a mom has to explain when their babies are asking, right?
A little back story, my son is 11 and he is my stepson so he has two houses to call home but regardless, all 4 of us parents work really well together keeping things consistent and positive for his sake. He was recently baptized which was such a proud moment for us all and we felt it was an appropriate time to get him an adult bible… you know, the ones that talk about circumcision.
Back to cooking dinner and that question lingering in the air, he was reading his bible (another proud moment!) when he came across circumcision in scripture.

So I’m thinking to myself “How can I turn this around and not answer the question?”.

Well that was pretty clear….
Me: “What does your bible say circumcision is?”
Perfect way to dodge that bullet, eh?! Kidding! Kind of. It’s the topic I think should come from a dad because I don’t have that body part, obviously, but it was overall a great way to teach something straight from scripture and what happens when a male is circumcised.
He was totally grossed out by it and proceeded to checking himself out in the bathroom to see if he was indeed circumcised – another blushing emoji here!! – but it’s also a funny story us 4 parents have we can use down the line to embarrass our sweet, darling preteen boy! 😉
Now let’s hope I’m not the victim for the NEXT awkward question!
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