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Upcycled Formula Can Bank

I’m not normally a very crafty person, but when my kids were babies, we ended up with so many formula cans, that I couldn’t help but store them. I figured there were lots of things you could do with an empty can. After my daughter received several crisp $10 bills for her birthday, I grabbed a can one night and, 20 minutes later, I had made her a formula can bank!


This is a quick-and-easy craft, which is the only kind I do! I made it on the spur of the moment with things I found around my house.


empty formula can
scrapbook paper
spray adhesive
printed label


Step 1: Take off the lid and cut a slot in the top, large enough for coins and folded-up bills

Step 2: Measure the height of the can, and cut scrapbook paper to fit. Use spray adhesive on the backside of the paper and wrap the paper around the can.


Step 3: Add any paper embellishments you desire. I designed Vanessa’s name on the computer in a fancy font, printed it out, and attached it to another piece of scrapbook paper, cutting both pieces of paper with scrapbook scissors that left a design around the borders.

Step 4: ModPodge the outside to secure everything together and leave a glossy finish.

Step 5: Add any other embellishments you desire. I hot glued a blue ribbon around the can, near the top (leave enough room for the lid to go back on). Bows and sequins would be other great options.

And that’s it! Why buy a bank when you could make such a pretty, personalized one?


Check out this post with other formula can ideas (I’m obsessed with the red, white, and blue one!), and go get your (easy) craft on!


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