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A First Birthday, Ice Cream Style with Cold Stone Creamery!


This post is sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery but my opinions are my own and this is an honest review.

My official LAST baby is turning 1!

We are out of the infant stage and into our last toddler phase, thank goodness for that!  I really wanted our last “First” birthday to be so special being that this is our last baby and our only little girl! Having THIS girl has been the “cherry on top” for our family and she is just the sweetest so an ice cream themed birthday party was in order!


What’s better than an ice cream cake for an ice cream themed birthday? We chose a delicious Cake Batter Confetti signature cake we just could NOT resist the cute confetti sprinkles around the sides! 


Cake Batter Confetti Cake is layers of moist Red Velvet Cake and Cake Batter Ice Cream® with Rainbow Sprinkles wrapped in fluffy White Frosting!

The Cake Batter Confetti™ Ice Cream Cake comes in a variety of sizes (6″ Small Round and 8″ Large Round) and can be reserved in advance online at  Cold Stone Creamery actually carries their signature cakes in store so same day pickup is most likely available!

The ice cream cake with those sprinkles was super cute but we decided to add the extra cute “cherry on top”!! Here’s how we put together this adorable cherry cake topper.


Project Items::

  • Bright Pink Poms (giftwrap section at Target)
  • Chalkboard Stand (party section in Target)
  • Green Candle 
  • Green Material for a Leaf
  • Pipe Cleaner 
  • Hot Glue / Glue Gun 

Step 1:: Write on your chalkboard stand

Step 2:: Wrap pipe cleaner around the center of the pom, leaving a slightly longer side to attach the candle

Step 3:: CAREFULLY slide the candle onto the melt part of the longer side with the metal

Step 4:: Add a small hot glue dot to the inside of the leaf and cautiously attach it to the pop leaner (I tried to keep it away from the wax – so it didn’t melt)

Step 5:: Add hot glue to the top on the chalkboard stand and place you “cherry on top” – pun intended LOL! Viola + you’ve got one sweet cake topper

After getting some cute pics we got this beauty (the cake and the baby) back home to enjoy! It was so GOOD and baby definitely enjoyed her first taste of ice cream cake! The cake was gone in no time and we were kicking ourselves for not getting the bigger size! 

So next time you have a special birthday in your life remember to stop by Cold Stone Creamery and grab one of their ice cream cakes!!

A big thank you to Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle Photography for the adorable cake photos and Teeny Bug Creations for the cute ice cream cone bloomers.

This post is sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery but my opinions are my own and this is an honest review.

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