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Finding That Balance – The Experiences of An Overanalyzing Mom With An Adventurous Kid


Whether you call them outgoing, spirited, energetic or down right crazy, there are just some kids that are more of a handful than others…this type of child can be extra difficult for us moms who can’t help but overthink everything. You know who you are!

I have found myself in this very spot almost everyday since my little one was born about 15 months ago. I am an over analyzer.

I overthink and rethink every single situation that could or has happened. Let me tell you, for people like me, raising a child is like living everyday in one of those Final Destination movies, expect your kid somehow miraculously isn’t dead at the end of each day.

You imagine every freak accident or regular accident happening and somehow shift this or move that and basically save the day. Everyday. You’re a hero. Especially when you have a newfound toddler who can all of a sudden walk and climb and reach everything even remotely close to the edge of the counter top. (A new rule in our house: knives aren’t allowed anywhere on the counter, after use they go straight into the sink for washing, because… ya never know.) I have met kids who are the opposite of mine, from birth, they seem to have this content air about them, like life is one big “don’t worry, be happy” song, very much unlike the menace to society that is my child.

If I had one of those magical “chill” babies, who is completely content sitting in a bouncer, playing with their toys alone quietly, or who takes long luxuries naps in their own crib then things might be different. But instead, I ended up with a kid who try’s to climb out of the bouncer or crib or pack n’ play all by themselves. A kid who will cry hysterically if I “restrain” (those are more like air quotes than real quotes) them in said bouncer or crib or pack n’ play. One who plays with each of their toys for approximately .02 seconds and then would rather explore the cabinets and play with cups and bowls and every single thing in the house that is not a toy.

As you can imagine, this level of curiosity sends my anxiety into overdrive. I mean, come on! I am the first time mom who once was scared that I would suffocate my 7 month old while wearing her in a baby carrier on my chest… (correctly according to all the directions and 36 YouTube tutorials.)

At the time I was checking her about every 5 minutes (to make sure she was breathing) until one of my much, much more experienced mom friends finally told me to chill out and to enjoy the time I had to get things done while she slept soundly against me. It was and still is moments like this that remind me to stop.

Stop overthinking. Stop over analyzing. Stop worrying. All we can do is prepare, ourselves, our houses and the people around us. With research, a little time, and a lot of baby proofing, it becomes a bit easier to quiet that worry wart voice that whispers in our ear.

I understand the struggle. It takes so much for me to stay calm and let my little adventurous one make her own discoveries and mistakes even if that means a few harmless bumps and bruises along the way. At the end of the day, she is a kid who needs to learn about the world around her. And I’ve decided I am not wasting time worrying, I am focusing on enjoying watching her learn and grow into the strong independent person that she is.

Do you think you are an over analyzing mom with an adventurous kiddo? How do you find your balance?

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