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Father’s Day Gift Guide

This time of year, we as mother’s and wives get creative for gift giving for our Husbands, Father’s and Grandfather’s. This is all about the men ladies. We love to be spoiled for the holidays (Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, AND Christmas), so this is the day where we make it ALL ABOUT the special Father’s we have in our lives!

Remember, guys are very simple and don’t ask for much so this is when we make sure we just listen to what they really want for their special day of recognition.

My Husband is a bit different when it comes to Father’s Day. He is a very simple chill guy and I wouldn’t want it any other way! He doesn’t wear cologne, even though he has a few different brands, just in case any random special occasion he would like to wear some, he has options ha! He’s not big on clothing, he can careless, as long as it’s a simple shirt, jeans or shorts. He doesn’t wear a watch cause he’s a grease monkey and it just gets in the way, shoot, he doesn’t even wear his wedding band because that can be a safety issue while working in the mechanical field (hence why we have our ring finger tattoos). So for Father’s Day, it’s my duty to at least make it all about him and spoil him as he deserves it more than anything!

I have listed some ideas to help you this Father’s Day. 

1.  Craft/DIY (a customized picture frame, a colorful coffee mug, or the good ole painting pictures!)
2. Personalized gift (cologne, knife, Yeti Rambler, watch, or wallet. You can have these customized with his name, a favorite verse or quote)
3. Monthly Subscription Box ( There’s so many to choose from, but I just ordered the Diesel Crate for my hubby)
4. Staycation (A win for the entire family)
5. Date Night (Surprise him with a day/night to his favorite brewery, restaurant or even the gun range! That’s always fun!)
6. Gift basket filled with his favorite things (I love this cause you can add pretty much anything to this)
7. Gift cards to their favorite places. Some say this isn’t unique or personable but let’s face it, we all love to buy what we really want or need so the thought behind gift cards is very thoughtful!
8. Tickets (Concert, Game, Races or a show/Movie)
9. Tools (my hubby is a mechanic and they can never have enough tools!)
10. A day all to himself! Us women/moms love a self-care day to ourselves and so do our men! Give them the day to do whatever they want. Some men love to play golf and men like my husband love to work on their toys. Joe’s currently building his truck so he’s always up for a trip to the junk yards or part stores. If they just want to sit in front of the tv all day, so be it! It’s their day to do whatever they want.

Happy Wife and Happy Husband = Happy Life!


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