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Who knows about fatherhood better than father’s? We thought we’d take a few minutes and interview the father’s of our children this father’s day!

What surprised you most about fatherhood?

How you could want to pull your hair out but love your kids so unconditional. It is a feeling hard to explain. You can be so mad one second and then have so much joy and love the next.

(Father of Rachel’s children)

Dirty diaper changing or spit up clean up?

This one was pretty much unanimous, Spit up!

Funniest Fatherhood moment…

Never putting her pants on or snapping her onesie to make momma crazy!
(Father of Kelsey’s baby)

Do you have nick names for your littles?

She’s our little “boo!”

(Father of Danielle’s baby)

What do you think you do better than mommy?

I don’t consider myself better than mommy in any way (smart man)

(Father of Jennifer’s children)

Any special tricks to fatherhood?

Say yes as often as possible, and lots of ice cream!

(Father of Beth’s children)

What part about being daddy do you love the most?

Taking them on adventures wether that’s a family road trip or just visiting a new place. Also, the playful moments when there are no responsibilities and just getting to soak in the moment.

(Father of Jennifer’s children)

Least favorite thing about parenting….

Not being able to poop in privacy.

(Father of Brittni’s children)

I did _________ and won’t every do that again.

Drink out of a water bottle after a two or three (or six) year old…I’ll never do that again

(Father of Beth’s children)

What is a memory that you HAVE or WANT TO remake with your own kiddo(s)?

Taking my kids camping, cause that was some of the best times I had when i WAS a kid so I hope they do too.

(Father of Malia’s children)

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