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Fatherhood, From One Dad’s Perspective…

We asked a few of our hubby's to share their hearts about fatherhood and one of our Contributors, Natalie, sent us her hubby's response. We are so thankful to the supportive Daddies who love their kids + wives fiercely and have the courage to share it with all of our readers! Thank you and Happy Fathers Day!

“The reason why daughters love their Dad the most is…that there is at least one man in the world who will never hurt her.” – Anonymous

How would I describe fatherhood? 

First off, don’t waste your time reading any books, or listening to anyone’s preconceived thoughts.  As much as you think you have your life under control, you don’t.  Before my daughter was born, I thought I had a pretty good life.  House, wife, pets, and a great job.  All of that pales in comparison to having a child.  

I thought for sure we were having a boy.  I had no doubt in my mind.  We have boys in both sides of our family.  Sitting in the doctors room having the ultrasound, I wanted to act surprised when they said “You are having a little boy!”.  Those words came out of the nurses mouth, but one word was distinctly different.  Did I hear her right?  She said girl instead of boy.  I didn’t need any assistance on acting surprised and shocked.  What do I do?  I have never been around a little girl.  Even if we had a boy, I would have no clue what I was doing.  Now I REALLY wouldn’t know what I was doing.  Fast forward a few months later.  We are having one of our last ultrasounds to make sure everything is ok.  I had come to terms of having a little girl, but I needed to make sure.  I asked the nurse if she could just take one more gander and make sure it’s a girl.  The nurse joyfully stated, “That’s a hamburger bun not a hot dog.”  Well then, guess we are having a girl!

Piper was born on February 6, 2016 at 11:30pm.  I didn’t think I could love my wife anymore, but seeing her give birth, I loved her so much more.  My dad was from the old school.  He works, and the wife takes care of the kids at home.  I didn’t want to be like that.  My wife and I had a discussion that she would be a stay-at-home mom.  I didn’t want her to have to do everything like my dad did to my mom.  I come home from work and instantly start playing with my daughter.  I never take moments for granted.  I will never be too tired to play with her.  This stems from my own mother passing away 5 yrs ago and my dad passing away a year ago.  Time is precious.  I would do anything to bring either one of my parents back.  My daughter has given new meaning and purpose in life.

I wanted to be an active father.   What I mean is, I want to do everything with her.  When I get home from work, my wife needs a break sometimes.  If I have to go somewhere, I take my daughter.  She goes everywhere with me.  I walk into a store and my chest puffs out, and you can’t take the smile off my face.  I have the best time hanging out with her.  My wife has done a couple of vacations by herself, and my daughter and I have a great time together.  I have never loved someone so much.  I think back when I was terrified of having a girl.  Now I don’t know how my life would have been without her in my life.  

I am an alpha male.  I like sports, WWE, UFC, and heavy metal music.  In the past year, I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I have cried.  This is what fatherhood has done to me.  My daughter melts my heart.  There is a special connection between a father and daughter.  I remember when she was a week old.  We wanted newborn pictures.  Sounds all fine and dandy until the person you are holding decides to pee on you.  Special connection.  Fast forward months later.  Mom is out of the house and daddy is giving her a bath.  I have numerous times without incident.  This one time though Mom is gone.  What does she do?  Poop in the tub.  Special connection.  Only with daddy.

Fatherhood also means pulling your weight.  My wife stays home yes.  That doesn’t me she has to do everything and get up in the middle of the night each time. 

It’s my daughter too!  If I hear her cry in the middle of the night I get up and check on her.  It doesn’t matter if I have to work.  I remember my mother-in-law being in town and our daughter would be screaming in the middle of the night.  She was inconsolable.  What does Dad do?  Take her for a drive in the car at 3AM in the morning.  Fatherhood.  What does he do when she starts in again at 5AM?  Go for another drive to not wake Mom.  Instead of complaining about those times, I cherish them.  I am going to look back and wish I had those times to do over again.  With both my parents passing away, I cherish every moment.  

Fatherhood is humbling.

She proves me wrong on a daily basis.  I used to be selfish and only worry about myself.  Fatherhood has changed my perspective.  I do everything with her and my wife as my top priority.  Fatherhood is the best gift I have ever been given.  Fatherhood has given me true meaning in life.  Nothing will ever take the feeling away of seeing your child get excited to see you with a big smile on their face.  
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