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Fashionable Summer Essentials


Hello to all my fashionable mom’s out there! I don’t know about you, but as the weather is warming up, I am getting excited about summer! Everyone needs some basic essentials while hanging out by the pool. With 5 kids, I spend most my summer at our community pool watching my kids swim. Today I am going to share some inexpensive, fashionable pieces that will make you look stylish for your next visit to the pool or beach!


Choose a neutral bag. It will go with every outfit and swim suit. Make sure it’s large enough for a couple of towels and snacks!


Colored shades are perfect to pull out this time of year! These pale peach sunnies are are going to add the right amount of color to your ensemble. I love the retro frames and gold tips to these sunglasses.  


Find a great cover-up for your swim suit this season. This tropical, floral print is super popular this year. Need help tying it in a stylish knot? Be sure to brush up on some cute knots before heading out the door. There are LOTS on Pinterest and Google. 


I am a huge fan of big floppy hats. Not only are they adorable but they have a great purpose-SHADE. No need to increase wrinkles and sun spots, shade your pretty face this summer with a big floppy hat. You can find solid colored ones, but I really liked this navy blue striped hat. 


I have been seeing this lotion more and more lately. I can’t wait to try it this summer. This lotion will add a touch of shimmer to your skin. I recently saw a friend wearing this, and thought her skin looked fabulous. She was literally glowing! This is perfect to use before you go swimming or after your skin is a little sun kissed!


Last year I found myself adding to my to-do list while watching the kiddos swim. Need to write out a grocery list, or catch up on some journal writing? Bring a cute and stylish notebook. Target always has some cute ones in their dollar spot. I will be adding one to my beach bag this year. 


Flip flops. Who lives in Arizona and doesn’t own a pair?! They don’t always have to be the cheap ones from Old Navy. These cute stylish pair is from Rack Room Shoes and they won’t break the bank. They would look cute with your summer outfits or with your swim suit and sarong at the pool. Metallic sandals are in this season, and go with most everything. These white ones with a metallic detail are ideal for this summer!!

I hope that these essentials will help you get started for your next beach/pool trip. You will look fashionable and fabulous! 


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