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Fashion Trends of 2015



We are nearing the end of the year, which means 2015 is just around the corner! One thing that I love to do at the end of each year is look what the new year will bring in fashion. Today I am sharing trends that you will see in 2015. Some you are seeing currently and some will be new! Let’s take a look!

Spring 2015

hmprod (6)


Spring will bring over-sized cardigans and cool, muted colors such as Cool Lavender, Sky Blue, and Cool Mint. This Cherry Blossom blouse is just an example of the soft colors that will begin the new year. The sky blue shirt like below can be paired with jeans of any color and skirts. 

 hmprod (7)1


Summer 2015

hmprod (10)

Summer will carry in bold, bright colors. Turquoise and Red Orange are just a few that you will see. There is a print that is starting to become more popular. It was hit at the Phoenix Fashion Week, as well in the New York Fashion Week. It is a floral, jungle print. They call it Tahiti. You will see blouses and skirts covered in these prints. It is a perfect summer look. 


All Year

 hmprod (8)1 


There are a few colors that will always be in style throughout the year, such as white, cream, nude and grey. Whether it’s a blouse or skirt, if it’s any of these colors they can be worn all year. These should be considered staples in your closet. I know I depend on all these colors to get through a week of outfits.


Fall/ Winter 2015

hmprod (11)


As I looked through the NYFW images, I saw a lot of leather. Leather will be big again next Fall/Winter. You will see it from midi skirts to full dresses in faux leather.  Some colors that will be big next fall are Blue Iris (like below), Teal Quartz and Jewel Yam. The jewel yam (burnt orange) is probably one of my favorite colors to wear in the fall. These deep colors will pair well with scarves, leggings and boots next winter. 

hmprod (17)1

As we prepare to begin the New Year, I hope this post gave you a glimpse on some of the beautiful colors and textures you will be seeing in 2015. For ideas on accessories be sure to follow Salt and Pepper Moms for their weekly fashion posts! 

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