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Family Workout Routine and Canned Food Donation

Family Workout Routine - Using Canned Foods You Can Donate After /

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love unpacking my sweaters and boots, running outdoors, the smell of pumpkin and all of the fall decorations around my home especially the handprint turkeys from my girls hanging on the fridge. Although I love fall it also means that the crazy, hectic, hustle & bustle yet fun & memorable holidays is upon me. It is so easy at times to get lost in the chaos that I sometimes forget to just take a deep breath and enjoy the chaos rather than dread it. When I become stressed my choice of relief is a workout.

This fall, I have created a canned food workout that is fun, easy and quick and can be busted out at the drop of the hat anywhere. My girls and I love to workout together so this is something we can make a fun family event — it’s a win win for everyone — endorphins pumping, spending time as a family all while I am sure we will have plenty of laughs and make many memories. As an added bonus we have decided that at the end of every workout we will put our canned food items in a box and at the end of the November we will donate all of them to a local food bank. I will share with you the workout and hope that you have fun, burn some calories and donate all in the celebration of a stress free fall!


1) Get a box and have the family decorate together. This is for you to collect all your canned foods during the month of November.
2) Each time that you start to feel overwhelmed go to your pantry and grab 2 canned food items of the same size and head outside for a workout in the fresh air.
3) All exercises can be modified to be made easier or harder, leave a comment if you need a modification and I’ll be happy to help.


Now it’s time to sweat! Here’s your canned food workout assignment:

50 jumping jacks holding the cans in your hands
50 squats holding the cans above your head
50 full sit ups punching the cans forward every time you sit up
30 walking lunges each leg while holding cans straight out at your side
30 arm circles holding cans straight out at your sides – forward/backward/small circles and big circles

Relay – pick a spot that is about 30 feet from where you are standing- sprint and drop off a can, run back grab the other can and sprint and drop that one off and then sprint back to the start! ! Place your canned food items in your box and enjoy your decreased stress level.

Give high fives, hugs and lots of smiles! I would love to see pictures of your stress decreasing workouts and donation piles. Post them to the West Valley Moms Facebook Page or tag #WestValleyMoms on Instagram and Twitter.

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