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Easy Fall Decor

Hello September! The Fall season is officially upon us!

To be honest, I tend to overlook the fall decor. September 1 is my birthday and that’s when I start busting out the Halloween decor!  I am a lover of Halloween and love to have the decorations up for as long as I can, so I start early but that’s a whole different blog post. 

Up until this week, I have never owned any fall decor! Being honest here again, I’m not really into the fall decor very much but, then again, Target nails it! The famous Dollar Spot has some really cute things! This Fall decor matches so well with my home decor and I instantly went crazy! And by crazy, I mean taking several trips to Target and to multiple Target locations! I seriously dragged my family with me every time. 

Here’s how I decorated a couple places in my home to celebrate Fall.



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