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Easter Treats:: Carrot Garden Pudding Cups

Kids Easter Treats

OK these Easter treats right here are just TOO CUTE!

My sitter just had an Easter Event for all the kids and these treats really grabbed my attention.

Two reasons why 1.) They are just so cute 2.) They are just so easy!

She told me the longest part was removing the packaging from pudding cups….hello! + yes please! Want to make these cute carrots treats see below!

Carrot Garden Pudding Cup
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  1. Chocolate Pudding Cup
  2. Fudge Oreo Cookies
  3. Carrot Topper
  1. Put your Oreos in a plastic baggy
  2. Use a spoon to crush the cookies into little crumbles
  3. Take the lid off your pudding
  4. Sprinkle Oreo crumbles onto the pudding cups
  5. Add a gummi carrot on top
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And that’s it! Gummi carrots were found at Fry’s Grocery Store / Walmart but you can also sub in real mini carrots or strawberries dipped in orange white chocolate. Would you make these easy treats for Easter?

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