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Dr. Jen Givens-Pediatric Chiropractor

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When my son was two months old, we were on the verge of a breakdown from the colic, reflux, and tension that his tiny little body was experiencing. Desperate for any kind of help I reached out to a few Mom groups and consistently were being asked if he was seeing a chiropractor.

Infant chiropractic care was something extremely foreign for both my husband and I. After doing our own research we decided to give it a try!

I discovered Dr. Jen Givens after she posted a webinar on Facebook about reflux, colic, and gas pains in infants. Everything she said was everything that we were experiencing with our son. I immediately reached out to her to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Jen and her husband are originally from Arizona. She has recently spent the last 3 and a half years of her career in Chicago working at the the largest pediatric chiropractic clinic in the country. Last summer her, her husband and their fur babies decided to relocate back home to AZ where she began the daunting task of building her own clinic in Northwest Peoria.

Dr. Jen specializes in babies, kiddos (including kiddos on the Spectrum), pregnant mamas and families. In addition to her every day job in the office she also spends after hours doing webinars, workshops, and special events all to further educate her community and build a stronger tribe for families and moms. 

Photo credit: Malia B Photography

She uses an advanced technological thermal scanning system that is safe for babies, pregnant mamas and everyone in between. The scans (also used by NASA) show neurological stress and allow her to go beyond the bones into the science behind the “why” your body is experiencing the stress or discomfort. Scans are also done every few weeks to show progress during your treatments.

Dr. Jen’s scientific approach to care allows her to put together care plans that are very specific to your needs based on your individual scan results. She spends a great deal of time studying the scans and ensuring that her knowledge is passed to you when she is reviewing them and throughout your care.

Dr. Jen left no detail behind when designing her dream office. You feel at home as soon as you walk into the front door. The front area has an amazing kids play area where kids can sprawl out and feel at home. She also provides, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and water on a custom designed shelving unit that would make Joanna Gaines proud. Speaking of custom designs…the benches in the adjusting rooms were measured to ensure that car seats can fit on them and the curtains and barn doors that cover the rooms prevent small fingers from getting pinched and that loud noises won’t bother any of the overwhelmed little ones. Of course the most popular spot is the Mom room where diapers can be changed and feedings can be done in a quiet, relaxed space. No detail was spared and it shows in the beauty and comfort of the office.

Photo credit: Malia B Photography

If the office isn’t enough to impress you, Dr. Jen herself surely will. It’s apparent from the moment you meet her that this is not only her dream, it’s her passion. She is the definition of someone who is truly reaching out to provide education and knowledge to her community and strongly believes in the power of a tribe to empower families everywhere. She encourages you to ask questions, dig deep, follow your mom gut, and think outside the box of conventional medical advice, and most importantly, trust yourself and what you believe in. 

During the duration of my son’s care plan we saw HUGE improvements with his reflux. We were able to take him off his medication and the spitting up and “colic” was almost non existent after a few weeks of adjustments. We also were finally able to take car rides without the horrible crying and screaming. He is now more comfortable in the car seat because there’s no longer the stress and tension in his body making the position he’s in for the car seat uncomfortable. It was also mentioned to us multiple times by a pediatrician that he might need a helmet to correct a flat spot that had formed because the tension made him favor one side while sleeping. Dr. Jen did cranial work that greatly improved the flat spot and allowed us to avoid a helmet! We now have a super happy baby who is a completely different baby than the one we had before we started chiropractic care! 

I mentioned that I discovered Dr. Jen online, but I truly believe that she showed up in our life at a time when we were feeling lost and defeated as parents-especially as a mom. Not only did she help give us back our healthy baby boy but she also gave us the knowledge to understand how our bodies work and the courage to feel empowered as a mom to always ask questions and to be an advocate for my kids. 

For more information on Dr. Jen you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram (@drjengivens) or Facebook (Dr. Jen Givens) for her webinars and upcoming events!


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  1. Katie Howell August 10, 2018 at 10:29 am #

    I LOVED Dr. Jen here in Chicagoland! She was vital in helping my son regulate his sensory system and was part of the team that saved us from medication for his ADHD. We were so sad to see her go, but am glad she is now helping even more kids!

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