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DockATot for Your Toddler

We have all heard about how incredible the DockATot is for newborns.

Not only is it a safe sleeping environment, but its so convenient that you can take it wherever you go!

Well, we started having sleep issues with our 18 month old. She would randomly wake up in the middle of the night and most nights, not want to go down at all in her own bed! Normally, I wouldn’t mind an extra cuddle, but I am a few weeks out from my due date and couldn’t handle the kicking and rolling around all night. 

Enter in, the DockATot Grand.

We already had the Deluxe for when the new baby came. So when Mia’s Big girl DockATot came in, she was well aware of what it was and was SO excited to have her own! 

The first night we got it, she was actually excited to get in her bed! So that was a win in itself! And since we have had it, she has slept through the night almost every night. Not only does she sleep better, but I sort of feel better putting her down. She looks so much more secure and comfortable in her bed now being surrounded by the DockATot! 

My husband was skeptical at first, but since it came in, he keeps telling me he is going to write DockATot an email so they can start making ADULT beds! Ha! #HelloPregnancyPillow! I totally agree with him and wished they made them in adult sizes too! 

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This is a sponsored post. We received product in exchange for sharing about DockATot. But our opinions are our own and completely honest! 

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