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DIY Wine Bottle Wall Vase Featuring Speak Wines

So I’m one of thoooose moms, the kind that loves their wine. My taste for wine didn’t happen until my late twenty’s I would say. But once it did I was hooked on Reisling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and all those tasty white wines. They stole my heart and taste buds. Well a while back I ran across the brand Speak Wines and it was a PERFECT MATCH  for my love of wine and my graphic designer eye. I just LOVED the brand and their style. I ended up purchasing from them for holiday gifts and even got to try them myself recently at our Board and Brush event.

Well if you know me you know that I like any kind of project, but ESPECIALLY a DIY project. These bottles were just far too gorgeous to just toss out in the recycle so I decided that an upscale project was a MUST! I hopped on Pinterest for inspiration and found a sweet wine bottle wall vase that really got my creative juices flowing. So off to Home Depot I went with my inspiration picture in hand…errrr on phone. I was REALLY wishing I had done more homework and gotten some reclaimed wood but as a busy mom of 3 sometimes searching Craigslist + making a trip to pick up your items ends up getting trumped by the Home Depot run that is a mere 5 minutes from home; plus those car shopping carts! Where my DIY mamas at? I know you’re nodding those heads! 😉

So I’m there at Home Depot looking at the wood options available – and something happened. The clouds parted and I saw IT. An end cap with GREY. STAINED. BARNWOOD. WEATHERED. SHIPLAP. What!? Yup! It’s there. This product was a 100% win for my project. A Home Depot employee quickly cut it to size for me + gave me a tip for using paint sticks on the back to secure two pieces of the shiplap together. I was loving the look of the shiplap doubled up. I paired the barnwood with some copper hardware, a picture hanging kit and OF COURSE my amazing Speak Wines bottles. And the final product is perfection!

Here is how you can make this FAB wine bottle wall vase.

Items Needed::

Project Instructions::

Step 1::

Attaching the 2 pieces of ship lap. You will have to cut the paint stick down to size. Make sure they are small enough that they wont show on the back of the shiplap. (If you want a gap between your shiplap you will need to use a spacer – I used a ruler.) Take the cut paint sticks and stack them on top of each other and use 2 nails at the top and bottom to secure the paint sticks in place. Repeat on both the right and left sides; make sure that they are spaced evenly.

Step 2::

Adding the frame kit to the back of the shiplap. Follow the instructions on the box. (I recommend skipping the wire and just using the hangers so your final product will hang right off the wall and not have any space between.) I used the wire and noticed a gap.


Step 3::

Adding the Speak Wines bottles. I would recommend CAREFULLY driving your copper nails MOST OF THE WAY (not all the way) into the barnwood prior to attaching the Copper Tube Straps. Be very careful because I had trouble getting one of my nails at, of course it was the last one of the project. 😉 But this is necessary because the copper nails kept bending. Due to the fact that you will be hammering nails very close to a glass bottle having a premade hole to hit the nail into is very helpful.

I hammered a nail on one side of the Copper Tube Straps without the wine bottle in place because it is easier this way without the bulky wine bottle so close to my hammer – I wasn’t a little nervous that I would break my bottles for this project but I had no trouble at all. Once the nail is in place I slightly lifted the strap and slid the wine bottle in place. Be careful not to scratch the gold band at the top of the wine bottle. I paced the bottles at the 4 in, 12 in and 20 in marks along the shiplap. And to the point where just the neck of the bottle touched the shiplap. Repeat for all 3 bottles and Viola!


A super sweet wall vase with some fabulous words and farmstyle vibes! I recommend fresh flowers, raw cotton or even large sparklers for your new vases! What do you think of our DIY project? 

This is a sponsored post for Speak Wines. We received product for an event in exchange for a post. But my option is my own and always an honest one.
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